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The Great Sphinx, Origin in Atlantis

The original Sphinx in Egypt had a Lion’s Head. It was much later in a fallen culture when the head was sculpted into a Pharoah’s head out of the much larger Lion’s Head.  There is a direct correlation between this Sphinx and The Sphinx in Cydonia, on Mars, also a Lion’s Head. In the time of Atlantis these two Planetary Civilizations were very much connected. These Galactic Neighbors travelled back and forth, a few hours commute.

We know with scientific proof the Great Sphinx is much older than thought. She was carved out of the bedrock by Extraterrestrial Technology between 9,000 – 12,000 years ago, perhaps as far back as 18,000 years ago. Through this lecture and Q & A explore the new information we have about Atlantis on the Giza Plateau.

Explore the true Great Sphinx, the structures below the Sphinx, their connection and function as related to the Great Pyramid Complex. Discuss new ways to integrate metaphysical practices based on this new information.

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This Webinar event is the beginning of a series of an 8 Lecture Series focusing on the Sacred Sites of Egypt/Atlantis.

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