The Great Reset Event 1-11-1 (2+0+1+7)

993808_193312690873836_790069238_nPlease join me on a 2 hour Conference Call Wednesday, January 11, 2017 8pm ET, 7pm CT, 6pm MT, 5pm PT for personal instructions to further your gifts including opening your Third Eye to see as you travel the Etheric Planes. The focus on this call is Meditation. Contemplation. Paranayama AND Q & A Through Guided Meditation, Setting Intentions, Attunement and Question and Answer we will explore specific instructions and answer questions about how to enhance the gifts you now have of inspiration, telepathy, inner sight and out of body travel. We will cover specific instructions about the clarion call for The Great Reset and the meaning of this Full Moon, January 11-12, 2017.

THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES. We are finally ready for LOVE. The 12-21-16 Portal beckoned us to merge with the Christos Diamond Sun Light Code frequencies. In the Solstice we balance our new bodies; subtle, physical and etheric opening to who we really are. Able to finally grasp, because of the increased intelligence possible afforded by the Diamond Light Codes and creation of the Christos Diamond Sun, the Path to Ascension.

bethRebeccaA special Guided Meditation will be gifted to all prior to the 1-11-1 Greta Reset Event for your use. Please share it with others on your list, website or FB posts.

Join in the Conference Call as you desire personal instruction and questions answered as well as special instructions rarely shared of ancient techniques to increase your gifts during this extremely high energy period. A clarion call for Individual and Planetary Ascension. This Great Reset prepares us for TwinFlame Reunions and for Higher Learning and Higher Love. Thank you for all you do. love, beth

Please register for the call below. See Your Life Come Alive.

The teachings of life mastery and liberation do not refer to one specific pathway or tradition. The essential wisdom of the highest teachings is, by its very nature, beyond the confines of tradition, culture and language, absolutely universal and timeless, and unlimited in application and scope.

The greatest teachings have the power to lift the soul out of misery and darkness, to bring light to any and all life challenges, and to set the soul free. True wisdom is the property of humanity, and belongs to no person.

Your support directly enables the global humanitarian work of elizabeth trutwin to serve others. After registering, you will receive your conference call number and access code by 1/11/17 in your email. For the Conference Call, please make the $21 donation using Paypal