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StarSeed Reading

This is a personalized channeled reading to obtain the information about your starseed realities including information on your life missions, your “Home” star system & galactic heritage, your ET connections, your Star guides and more.

Everyone’s soul path is unique and was chosen before we came in. We have an eternal soul and we are also expressing as a limited personality-ego. What the soul-matrix interprets as loving release from density, the ego sees as its demise. It’s quite an amazing construct which our Creator embodies through us all.

Our spiritual families are aboard those ships. They know you and your entire soul record and love that which you are beyond your understanding. In many cases because, as future aspects of your essence,
they wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your willingness to be here.

Everyone here is serving as a stand-in for our entire DNA line. We may be one of up to 17 physical expressions on this planet at this same time. If any one of those here ascends, the entire soul DNA line ascends. Nothing is lost, and all aspects will be reintegrating into the One that your whole soul matrix is expressing through.

Our origins, the places whose people have been at Earth since the beginning include Pleiadians, Arcturians, Antares, Andromedeans, Procyon, Lrya-Vega, Virgo, Orion Constellations with planets which reach across quite a polarity spectrum; Dracos, Ursa Major (Bear) Ursa Minor, Leo, Sag, Zeti, inner planets Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter; outer planets, Uranus, Mercury, Pluto, Neptune, Niburu and 100 million/billion galaxies, Great Central Sun; this is a planetary ascension that involves all these and many more for which we do not remember or know the names.
How does the Reading Work?
Readings are done remotely at my home by myself without an appointment. There is no meeting, telephone or skype appointment nor any need for the recipient to meditate at all. The reading lasts up to 30 minutes. You will be sent a digital file via email containing your reading. This can be used on a PC with windows media player software installed and on MP3 file format for those who have apple devices and MACs.

The cost is $51 (about  £40 or €47 depending on exchange rates). In addition to the main reading you may ask up to 2 questions and you can send these to me via email at the time of booking your reading.

How to book
For the StarSeed Reading, please make the $51 payment below using Paypal