StarGate Earth

StarGate Ea

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The Disclosure and Advocacy Movement is explained as well as the politics involved in Exopolitics. Information from Steve Bassett, Steven Greer, Dr. Michael Salla, Richard Hoagland and Rich Dolan are reviewed. There is a chapter which covers the Majestic Documents from Dr. Robert Wood, Ryan Wood and The Team which reveals the politics of Secret Government. Included in the book is an explanation of artificial and natural StarGates as well as the Google Earth coordinates of many well known StarGates, Extraterrestrial Bases and Space Elevators. One may take the coordinates and duplicate the research right at home on Google Earth. The full color pictures of the StarGates are stunning. Elizabeth Trutwin also explains her understanding of the Ashtar Command, the Galactic Federation and the Twelfth Planet known as Niburu. This book contains much information not seen before on the subject of Full Galactic Disclosure. When we look at the exquisite beauty of Earth and our connection to the Cosmos it is easy to see why we participate in action politics to rid the Planet of Nuclear weapons and demand Peace for the sake of future generations.

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