Star Attunements


Star Attunements
Star Attunements essentially provide extremely high levels of healing and activation leading to potential spiritual growth, the awakening of of spiritual abilities memories of our Star heritage and the implementation of our Life Missions. Each Star Attunement is “tailored Made” for the individual receiving it so that it gives them exactly what they require at this moment in time. The Attunements carry the resonance of the specific Star that it connects you to as well as the unique and skillful assistance of the beings that are connected to that Star. If you wish to receive a Star Attunement then you may choose one from below.

Sirius 2Sirian Attunement
This attunement connects us to the ancient energies of Sirius that eternally assists Earth and Humanity. This deep connection with Earth and the strong connection with the Goddess that Sirius provides is experienced by many as a loving return to “Home”. The Sirian Attunement reconnects us to the deep sense of meaning and well being that we crave as higher consciousness beings, it heals the feelings of separation and motivates us to engage with our life missions. It brings about an expanded awareness of the great cycles of ascension, time and the Goddess. Often there is a connection made to one of the Temples of Sirius that offers specific gifts for us. Here we receive healing and activations and receive initiations when we reach important points in our spiritual journey.


Arcturian Attunements
The Arcturians from Arcturus are well known for their healing abilities. They also are experts at managing our energy systems so that we are balanced and aligned across all dimensions. Arcturians work in very direct and deliberate ways often using sophisticated technologies and with a deep understanding of spiritual energies and how they interact with physical and energetic beings. The Arcturian attunement provides an experience of lengthening the telomeres, tiny segments of DNA that reverse age the body, managing stress, balancing emotions and healing the heart. The Amethyst mountains at Arcturus are taller than the Himalayas. This attunement will fill you with a feeling of love and well-being which will stay with you as a deeper sense of peace. It will carry you to tackle your Life Mission.

Andromeda Attunement  The energies of Andromeda are extremely expansive and connect us to Light. They allow our energetic bodies to become more fluid and they help us to be less rigid in our Consciousness. They also accelerate our spiritual growth through an expanded awareness of light that connects everything. At this level of understanding it is more difficult to maintain the illusion of separation that our egos present to us. Advance your personal gifts of meditation, contemplation, asanas, pranayama and traveling out of your body into your Rainbow Light Body.


Pleiadian Attunements
Here the Pleiadian Masters work with us to help us to anchor the energies and Consciousness of the Pleiades such as unconditional love into our daily lives. They help us to ground this higher Consciousness by finding ways to express this in the physical world. They help us to connect to creative energies and help us to be light and to find beauty in the divine in the world around us. The energies of the Pleiades are ideal for artists, musicians and dancers or anyone wishing to develop these aspects of themselves. The Pleiadian Masters help us to find harmony and co-operation amongst ourselves and with the planet Earth herself. This attunement is like experiencing full submersion in sensory pleasures designed to Ascend the Soul.


Vega Attunements
The Masters from the Vega Star System help us to connect to universal compassion and divine love from the heart of God/Source. These are profound energies and levels of Consciousness that transcend normal Human behavior and experience. To embody these is to be like the Saints and Buddhas. The Masters of Vega introduce these divine experiences to us and help us grow our Consciousness in these directions. Once at Vega, one may experience their own true nature within a 12 pointed Merkahba Body able to interface with others and travel unhindered anywhere you like. This is the point of Ascension, to be able to travel BACK to the Stars.

M30HePJAAJ4dlIBooking your own Attunement Personal Star Attunements can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. These are REMOTE attunements only and you will not be required to be with me in person. We will arrange a time when we can both be in meditation at home whilst the attunement takes place. These sessions are about 20 minutes in length. Here I will attune to the relevant Star Masters and facilitate the energetic experience of the attunement for you.

After booking your Attunement you will be sent written notes via email on how to prepare for your attunement, what to expect and how to integrate the changes.

Next we will arrange a mutually convenient time to join in meditation so that the attunement can take place.

Within 24 hours after the attunement I will send some brief feedback on the attunement which will be sent to you via email. This information is specifically about your recent attunement and not about general information or other matters that interest you.

 The cost of a Star Attunement is $40 (about £27 or 35 euro depending on exchange rates). Please make payment as below and then I will contact you to arrange your attunement.

You can pay as follows:

1. You can pay online by credit card or debit card using the paypal system. This would connect you to a secure payment collection service called paypal. All you have to do is click on the button directly below and follow the instructions. All attunements are paid for in full and in advance. There are no refunds available once the services are completed.

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Star Attunements

589975E4F What are Activations and Attunements?

These are generic words to describe energetic events that promote spiritual growth, expanded awareness, higher Consciousness and activations of DNA, Subtle Bodies and Light Bodies. The person giving the activation skillfully and deliberately connects the recipient to specific spiritual energies, often working with guides to provide the activation. At a basic level an activation/attunement connects us to specific spiritual energies or guides in order to receive their help.

What do they do!? What experiences might I have?

What might you experience with an activation? You may feel energy and activity in your aura. You may drift into a trance or actually sleep. Some people will see images or colours and be aware of the Star Guides. Most people feel touched by divine love. You may feel none of these things and this is fine as it still works.

Afterwards many people report feeling a very expanded awareness, enhanced healing, psychic and telepathic abilities, help with their spiritual work and help with their growth patterns.

Activations are often a powerful and stimulating feeling which leaves us feeling expanded and high with a sense of optimism, potential and freedom.

What are Star Activations/Attunements and why are they so popular?

A Star Attunement is where I connect the recipient to a group of Star Beings or the spiritual energy or Consciousness of a Star or group of Stars. The Star Beings that I choose to work with are extremely evolved and even more so than Ascended Masters on Earth. While this may surprise some, this reality has been acknowledged in such teachings as Theosophy where the Master Djwhal Khul refers to “The Path to Sirius” as being a higher form of spiritual knowledge than is available on Earth. The evolved Star beings have a more expanded and “Galactic” style of Consciousness. The energies from Stars are amazing and powerful. Stars are vast spiritual beings that directly influence the life, experiences and spiritual growth of all physical beings including Humans. Past civilizations on Earth have called them Gods in recognition of their importance and ability to help us. For those who are sensitive to spiritual energies, the experience of the Star energies is most enjoyable. This is above all a high level spiritual experience. Many recognise specific Star energies from their lives in the Stars and so it is a “coming home” experience during the Attunement. Each Star has its own energy, influence and spiritual agenda and all are good.

What are the differences between Healing and Activations?

Activations however are about the future. The motivations for working with activations are to stimulate spiritual growth which guides us into higher consciousness now and in the future. It is an important difference. Here we are choosing to take action not because we have cancer and need healing, but because we seek something more for ourselves. This powerful intention changes everything. We get the attention of guides. They have been waiting for us to give our permission to work with them in this way and there is no better way of demonstrating this than to ask for a higher level activation. Remember we live in a world of free will and so if you are not asking for these things then you will not be receiving them!

The actual experience of receiving an activation is different from receiving healing. Healing leaves us feeling relaxed, more complete and a sense of relief. Activations are often a more powerful and stimulating feeling which leaves us feeling expanded and high with a sense of optimism, potential and freedom.

How does Elizabeth give Attunements?

I act as a connection between the recipient and the guide or energy. I first have to raise my vibration considerably and then connect to the chosen guide or energy. I then check the connection is what is intended and then also connect to the recipient’s energy fields. I then allow a flow of energy and Consciousness between the guide/energy and the recipient. This sets up the Attunement. The content of the Attunement is decided by the guide or energy both of which have active intelligence and can sense what the recipient needs. I only work with high level energies and guides and their work in this area is amazing and should be trusted. I personally do not channel my energies nor attempt to control or influence the content of the Attunement. This is the work of the guides or energy. This why each and every Attunement is different as our needs are constantly changing. After the Attunement I will send an email to the recipient sharing any observations that I had during the Attunement about what was happening. This is not a channeled reading. During the Attunement most of my focus is placed on holding the connection and I am not communicating with guides or looking for information. The feedback I give is only intended to give a rough description of the Attunement. It is not even necessary but I choose to share my experiences.

How do I pick a Star Attunement?

There is no right or wrong answer to this. They all provide wonderful benefits. It is not possible to get this wrong. However some Star Attunements might offer energies and opportunities which are more relevant to us in this moment. Some people are unaware of their spiritual agenda and so it is hard to consciously pick an Attunement that is perfect for them at this moment. However spiritual people are guided by their intuition and instincts. Please trust these parts of yourself and allow yourself to be attracted to one or more of the Attunements. This is your signs that it is the right one and trust this process. It is amazing how it works.

Can I have more than one of the same Attunement?

Yes.. I have some clients that love a particular one and order many sessions.  It is never the same Attunement as each Attunement is different.  If you had 2 Sirian Attunements then each time the Sirian guides would assess you and give you what you need for THAT MOMENT. As we are constantly  changing  then invariably our requirements change and the guides respond by giving us different Attunements.


“Thank you Elizabeth for your assistance on the star journey where I went deep and slept for over two hours. Right at the beginning of the attunement there were two back to back thunder and lightning bolts that electrified the atmosphere around me and then I was off to lala land.  I enjoyed the journey.  Thank you for the experience. With love…” (d.r.)

“Hi, Beth. Thank you very much.

It was interesting experience. I felt like my head was pressed from both sides, and pressure would go up and down . During the session I felt like I was wrapped in a bubble. In first one, at one point there was a vortex in the lower part of my body for few seconds. In the second one, I felt like inside of my head was pulled out and then put back. And few minutes later my right brain was pulled down. Through the process my throat Chakra felt expended. 

Thank you again for wonderful experience. 

Love and Blessings,” (k.w.)