Self-Healing Techniques with the Arcturians and Sirians


You have the best of the spiritual world, and the best of extraterrestrial technologies. It is time for the world to more fully recognize the unity of the loving and wise extraterrestrial forces along with the spiritual forces that govern our planet.

The Arcturians are not allowed to even enter our sphere of influence without getting permission from Sanat Kumara and the Spiritual Hierarchy. They work together as one team in conjunction with the Ashtar Command and other positive extraterrestrial groups for the upliftment of humanity.

I began invoking the Arcturians and their Starship many, many times during the day. I would certainly do this whenever I meditated. However, I would also invoke them while watching television, before bed, even while working at my desk. Immediately I would begin to feel the energies pour in all over my body. What I really liked about this was that it was a very “physical” full body feeling.

The experience of Their technology was actually, to be perfectly honest, more powerful and substantial than most of the spiritual energies I had been invoking. Even the Spiritual Hierarchy used the advanced technologies from Arcturus.

I was told that what they were using was from Arcturus. The Arcturians worked in perfect harmony and cooperation with Sanat Kumara, Lord Maitreya and the Spiritual Hierarchy. The Arcturians use the highly advanced computers on their ships to do this work. Once you are on line, so to speak, in the computer banks of the Arcturian ships, the slightest request instantly is answered.

One of the advantages of coming to the ship is that the energies are more refined and of a higher vibration. Do be aware that the Arcturians do not have “Adam Kadmon” type of bodies, but don’t let this stop you from working with them. They are the highest beings in our galaxy and some of the most loving and selfless beings in our entire universe.

The Arcturians want you to know that they are very devoted to your personal upliftment and there is no limit to the number of people with whom they can work. They have an unlimited number of starships available upon request. They want you to feel free to contact them and ask for their assistance. Also do realize that it is not your physical body that goes to Their ship, it is your etheric body.

They are here to assist and facilitate your personal journey back to God. Their message is one of love, joy and light, and they are here only to serve. They have advanced technologies that can be called forth for personal protection. It is a kind of frequency technology that can protect your energy fields.

They are happy to help in this regard but must be asked and given permission to help you before they will do anything. They have another technology for healing the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies. I have been going every night to Their “Mechanism Chamber” for healing of my physical body. They have said that there is not a physical problem in the entire universe that They have not been able to heal through this chamber.

It may not happen instantly, however, over time they can help you. If this feels right for you, talk to them in meditation and request to be taken there at night for a specific period of time during your nightly activities.

Also do this if ever you do not feel well. They will run energies using their advanced computers and clear the blockages. Sirians: a group consciousness from the Sirius star system. Originally descendants of the Lyran star group, they have played a large role in the history of Earth and human civilization.

The Sirians visited both the Egyptian and the Mayan civilizations and gave them much advanced astronomical and medical information. They helped to build the great pyramids and temples of Egypt, and many of the tunnels and pathways to the inner Earth. In the future, they will be involved in establishing the new Golden Age on Earth. Dr. Lorphan is a Master Healer from Sirius.

He is an expert at etheric body acupuncture and is adept at healing psychological issues. Djwhal Kuhl is an ascended master who has a holographic computer system in his office. You may ask to be taken there.

This computer is able to make the most minute adjustments in your body systems. It is a good practice to ask for this along with other healing techniques. Hilarian is the Chohan of the Fifth Ray department that deals with concrete knowledge and science.

He is a Master Healer and may help when you ask. Every ascended master has different techniques, and asking more than one offers a multi-prong approach. I have over time been Guided to use one versus another during healing sessions. I receive these inspirations from my still small voice inside. Everyone can tune in and do this for themselves.

Archangel Raphael is the archangel that supervises healers and healing for all Earth’s population. It’s sensible for everyone to call upon Archangel Raphael for his help in healing. One may ask Raphael for help when you are in any kind of pain, whether it is physical, emotional, romantic, intellectual or spiritual.

He will somehow inspire you with sudden ideas and thoughts giving you just the right information to help the healing. Pay attention to and then follow these angelic answers to your prayers. When asked for healing assistance, Raphael surrounds and nurtures people with the emerald green light of his halo. Green is the color of healing and clairvoyant people may see emerald green sparkles when Raphael is around.

OVERVIEW OF THE SELF-HEALING TECHNIQUES USING THE TECHNIQUES: GROUND YOURSELF AND INVOKE PROTECTION With each technique, begin by sitting or lying down. Close your eyes. Take three deep slow breaths, in and out. Once you feel you have all your attention focus and uninterrupted, you may begin. It is important, when meditating, to ground your personal energy in protection.

We do this so that all the energy moving in and out of your “field” is of the Light, or from the “Office of the Christ.” If this important step is skipped over, you will be vulnerable to interference from sources less than Pure Infinite Love.

The best technique I’ve found for protection is to call on Archangel Michael and ask him to place a Golden Dome of protection around you. There is no right or wrong way of doing this. You will feel the difference after you ask for this. Next, ask the Guides you would like to work with to join you. This is highly personal for each person.

I recommend working with your closest Guides, or any who you have felt a particular connection to during your lifetime. If you are unsure of who to call on, you may want to check our list of ‘healing helpers’. One of the most overlooked and effective healers of all-and Lightworkers and Starseeds often forget to call on this aspect-is one’s own Monad and Mighty I Am Presence.

This is your True Identity, or your unique Individualization of Almighty God as You. So, remember to invite your own Monad and/or Mighty I Am Presence to be present for your healing. Who knows your body better than your own Monad? Who has more motivation to help heal your body than your Monad who is your True Self?

You will be amazed at the energetic support that your Monad can provide! Of course, all of the Galactics, Ascended Masters and Archangels are ready and willing to help you, you need only ask. Consider working with Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Lord Arcturus, Sr. Lorphan and Lord Ashtar.

Working with the Twin Flames of these Masters, as well as adding Lady Masters, is also a good practice. These are a good starting point, however, you may use one or more, experiment with this. There is an excellent list of suggestions on this website. Feel free to add the Masters you feel closest to, even if the are not on this list.

Once you’ve invited your guides, you ask for one or more of the healing techniques. You may ask for any technique more than once a day. You may be inspired to ask morning and evening, sometimes more often. You may insert your personal needs into any of these techniques and change them to work for your situation.

The more often you do this work, and the more experience you develop doing it, the more you will be able to follow your own inner guidance on this. In summary, to begin self-healing technique: •Call Archangel Michael for a Golden Dome of protection
 •Call Your Guides
 •Ask for the Technique desired
 “Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door shall be opened.”

Please feel free to use these techniques on yourself and integrate these proven modalities into your healing practice. Feel free to copy them and share them with others who ask. Feel free to change them to fit your own health needs.

The Masters WANT you to ask for help, but you MUST ASK. IMPORTANT: You must be obedient to GOD’s laws on all levels in order to achieve the results you desire. You can’t expect to eat a terrible diet, get no exercise, allow your negative ego to run rampant and be filled with negative emotions and expect the Ascended Masters to keep you physically healthy and do the work for you.

These spiritual healing tools only support the good works you are doing on these other levels. If you will do your part, GOD and the Masters will do theirs. Dr. Lorphan and the Sirians are masters more involved in energy work.

They are Masters at Acupuncture, Body Grid Work, Arteries, Nerves, (nadis, meridians), and balancing those energies within the body. Matrix Removal Program: This healing involved pulling out all the core fear-or negative ego programming-and is a special divine dispensation given to the Earth in this recent time of increased Spiritual acceleration on the Earth.

This lattice work of Light is anchored into the individual by the Arcturians (see Arturian Healing Techniques) for the purpose of pulling out all the Core fear or negative ego programming from the person’s conscious, subconscious, and energy fields. Call to Dr. Lorphan and the Galactic Healers to repair any damage from past lives or this life to your astral and mental bodies.

This will greatly strengthen your etheric physical vehicle as well Acupuncture: Share with Dr. Lorphan and his Galactic healers any physical health concerns and they will place etheric needles in your etheric body which you will not even be aware of which will greatly activate the chi in your system in those areas needed. Weekly Balancing of Energies: Call in Dr. Lorphan and his Galactic Healers once a week for an implant and negative elemental removal of all these imbalanced energies from all your subtle bodies.

It is really as simple as just asking. Emotional and Mental Balancing: Whenever you are feeling out of balance emotionally and even mentally call to Dr. Lorphan and the Galactic Healers to rebalance your emotional and mental bodies which will also aid in the healing of your physical body.

Daily Physical Maintenance: Another very helpful spiritual healing tool for keeping the physical body in good working order is to request each day for Dr. Lorphan and the Galactic Healers to balance your chakras.

This will keep your glandular system functioning properly as well as your organs. Cosmic Axiatonal Alignment: Ask Dr Lorphan for this alignment. It refers to a balancing and aligning of all Spiritual Meridian Lines in your multi-body system, including Planetary, Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal and Cosmic bodies. Healing Tears & Leaks in Aura: Another very important spiritual healing tool available to you to is to call to Dr. Lorphan and the Galactic Healers to heal any leaks, spots, tears, and/or irritations in the Aura and in all five bodies (Physical, Etheric, Astral, Mental and Spiritual).

This tool is extremely important because any tears or holes in the Aura will cause a leakage of energy almost like bleeding in a physical body, but this type of bleeding can occur on a etheric, astral and mental level. Cancer Prevention Tool: Another preventative tool which probably is worth while to everyone to use every once in a while is to ask Dr. Lorphan, the Lord of Arcturus, and the Galactic Healers to remove any cancerous energy that is starting to develop in any of the subtle bodies or in the physical body.

These energies always begin in the subtle bodies and then move to the physical. This type of prayer request nips this in the bud. Weight Loss or Gain Ask Dr. Lorphan and the Galactic Healers and the Ascended Master of your choosing for to program-for weight loss or weight gain-those fire letters, key codes and sacred geometries for the Gematrian Body and entire 12 Body System to clear from your Four Body System all Etheric disease, Astral disease, Mental disease, Spiritual disease and lastly Physical disease.

Arcturian Electronic Plate: This healing allows for honing in on the higher mind, and helps with bilocation, teleportation, and telepathic development An electronic plate is anchored into the third eye that reflects Light and helps the mind to hone in on the Higher Mind, which amplifies the Omnipresence and synthesizes the Upper Spiritual Triad of the Higher Mind, Intuition, and Spiritual Will within the Body, Heart, Monad, and Cosmic Heart. Arcturian Grid Integration Technology: This healing involves a technology that can be called forth while in the Light Synthesis Chamber, where High Frequency Light from the Arcturians is run through the etheric body’s grid system in a specific isolated manner rather than through the entire body as is done in the Light Synthesis Chamber.

Arcturian Light Synthesis Chamber: This healing involves building your Light Quotient via a chamber on an Arcturian Starship. This is similar to what are called the ascension seats which uses advanced technologies to assist beings with building Light quotient and synthesizing all levels of One’s Being and Light into the Four-Body System.

Ask to be taken to this chamber during meditation in your Etheric Body, OR you can ask for the energies of this technology to be sent to the body on Earth. Arcturian Light Infusion Technology: If you have any place in your physical body that needs healing, you can call to Lord Arcturus and request this specific “Light Infusion Technology” for that place in your physical body or for your entire physical body if you prefer.

Arcturian Advanced Light Computers will very precisely infuse that particular and specific area of the physical body you requested with Light! It really works and is an invaluable tool in your healing tool kit! Try it, you will like it! So let it be written! So let it be done. Arcturian Love and Joy Chamber: This healing involves a chamber on an Arcturian Starship that one can connect to in meditation that can fill one’s being with an intense frequency of Love and Joy.

Arcturian Prana Wind-clearing Device: An advanced light technology that can be called forth from the Arcturians that is anchored usually into the third Chakra that rotates like a fan in a clockwise direction, moving in ever wider concentric circles, that clears etheric mucus and debris from the etheric meridians, Chakras, nadis, veins, arteries, and capillaries.

Lord Arcturus Mechanism Chamber: One other Arcturian tool for physical healing is to ask to be taken to the mechanism chamber in one’s Soul Body at night while one sleeps in a bi-location type of sense. The mechanism chamber is specially constructed to work on physical health lessons. The Arcturian Golden Cylinder: This golden cylinder can be called for directly from Lord Arcturus, and it will be lowered down over your four-body system.

It will remove all kinds of toxic energies, and I have used it to remove unwanted implants, elementals, etheric mucous, parasites and any other imbalances on any level. It acts like a huge magnet drawing out impurities. Then as the cylinder is lifted up off the body, it pulls out any remaining residue. I have found that the combination of these two completely clears my field every time.

These tools have been a Godsend in the healing of all of my bodies and in my ongoing clearing process. They also are Ascension Accelerators. I use these tools any time I feel myself getting unclear or contaminated from involvement with life lessons or during the sleep state. If you become aware of any residual physical toxins in your body that need cleansing, call on Lord Arcturus and his Arcturian helpers to cleanse those toxins with help from the Arcturian technology.

Also ask Lord Arcturus and the Arcturians to reprogram your biochemical etheric makeup to make sure it is in accord with your physical body structure. Balancing the biochemical etheric makeup creates consistency within the four-body system. REMOVING EMOTIONAL AND SPIRITUAL BLOCKS TO HEALING Healing cannot happen unless it is in the Presence of Love, Inner Peace, and a connection to All That Is.

We will talk over some ascension principles which will help remove blocks and facilitate the most effective level of healing. Together we will explore some thoughts about this. Unconditional love is the premier golden key. It has been the heart of the manifestation of my healing, ascension and leadership. Any Ascended Master, Angel or Galactic will say, Love is the most important spiritual practice of all.

The way to live is to “Start the day with love, fill the day with love, spend the day with love and end the day with love–for this is the way to God.” This is the foundation of all ascension and for healing. Since being one with God is being one with all in love, this is the foundation of everything.

Tied in with unconditional love are the qualities of generosity and graciousness. There are spiritual teachers who have great information and who are great channels or psychics, but if love is not the foundation of everything they do, faulty thinking has entered in. When discerning information from different sources, always ask yourself, does this feel loving to me?

This is the key to knowing good information. Often, people have blocks to healing because they are holding on to old pain in their emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body. A wonderful blockage remover is to look at everything as a Christed Light Being.

This is a key to ascension. To remove all blocks to healing I recommend one release all attack thoughts. I have made a vow to myself and God never to attack even when I am attacked by others. I will go to any lengths to maintain an attitude of love no matter how I am attacked or ripped off. This is not to say that I don’t need to stand up for myself and stand in my own power.

But I do it with tough love. This can be a challenging lesson for some people. It is tied in with the quality of humility and what Christ said about “turning the other cheek” and “loving your enemies.” It also relates to seeing everything through your Christ mind.

As we move forward with ascension, and must look at current events, this quality comes in very handy when processing misinformation from the dark ones. When looking at everything from the perspective of a Christ Mind, there is no judgment. Perception of Truth becomes much easier. When this approach is taken, we no longer store pain in our bodies.

When this approach is taken, healing is much easier for the body to access. An adjunct to this has been my commitment to remaining in love, oneness and peace at all times, in all situations. Remaining in love, oneness and peace is the guiding precept of everything I do. I try to maintain this attitude in dealing with people who are competing or comparing themselves with me, or who are dealing with me in an egotistical manner.

This leads to an instant attitude of forgiveness at all times–forgiveness both of others and myself. I look at every situation in life as a spiritual test to see if I can remain in this state of consciousness. Another key in healing is to forgive the past and work at not creating new stress challenges.

An approach to this is seeing every meeting with anyone is a holy encounter. Every exchange between two people is Christ meeting Christ, God meeting God. This, in combination with what I call innocent perception–seeing the innocence in each person, that which is divine–has been one of my main ascension practices.

This ideal leads to unconditional love; for if each person is God and the eternal Self, then nothing but love can follow. This ideal is a commitment to seeing beyond the appearances of the physical, emotional and mental bodies and to seeing the true core of every person. The world is a mirror of our own thinking.

What we see in our brothers and sisters is, in truth, what we are seeing in ourselves. To heal oneself one must see God in every person as well as oneself. This also applies to how one sees the opposite sex. Do you see a person as a physical body first–or as God living in a physical body?

It is our thoughts that create our reality, and there is always a perspective on life that will bring you inner peace no matter what your outer situation. This is the science of attitudinal healing. My commitment to thinking at all times with my Christ mind and not my ego mind has been, I would say, one of the major keys to my success in life.

Holding the attitude that I have Inner Peace creates Inner Peace in my life, including in my 4 body system. It is hard to harbor disease in a body filled with Peace. Related to thinking with the Christ mind is the understanding that there are only two emotions, love and fear. Love-based emotions are expressions of the Christ mind; fear-based emotions are expressions of the ego.

The ego perceives itself as separate, and, therefore, fear arises as it tries to protect itself. When you view all through your Christ mind, you see all as one and part of God, so love-based emotions are what arise. Therefore, your experience of life all depends on whether you interpret life from your negative ego mind or from your Christ mind.

This is the foundation of all healing. To facilitate healing, one must have compassion for themselves. Compassion for Self and Others has been a major focus for me in the development of compassion. My studies of Buddhism and my devotion to Quan Yin and the Virgin Mary have greatly inspired me in this regard.

I learned to really understand that other people’s suffering is, in truth, my suffering. The suffering of animals and plants is my suffering. We do not need to take on the suffering of others so that it is debilitating, but we can have the utmost compassion for the suffering of others.

I consider compassion to be one of the most important Christ/Buddha qualities a person can develop and hold for their own Self-Healing. Healing means transcending duality on all levels. Third and fourth dimensional consciousness is filled with duality.

There is profit and loss, pleasure and pain, sickness and health, victory and defeat, praise and criticism. In God-consciousness, one remains in even-mindedness, equanimity, inner peace, unchanging joy and unceasing love. Duality is transcended and one’s consciousness does not become an emotional roller.

This is a healing philosophy of life that is higher dimensional. For Healing to Happen One MUST Ask and Allow Universal Law says Higher Beings must be invited to Help BEFORE they can intervene Faith and requesting Help from the Galactics. Some may call this prayer, and I will here, because it is a desire expressed, it is the asking and the allowing.

Do not confuse this with worship, it has nothing at all to do with that. Higher beings must be invited in before they can intervene, they must be asked. This is a Universal Law. It also is possible to over-ask or over-pray out of fear and lack of faith.

However, it is better to pray than worry, for worry is fear. Just know that God and the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Galactics answer all requests. There is nothing wrong with repeating your prayers, affirmations, visualizations and each person and situation will be different in this regard. For some, one request will be all that is needed.

For others more prayer will be necessary. Sometimes you might use the repetition of a certain prayer as you would an affirmation, and that is fine. However one can do too many affirmations and not allow the process to come to fruition. Other times repeated prayers and affirmations are important in order to reprogram your subconscious mind. In some cases you may need to say the same prayer twice a day for an entire year and in other cases just one prayer is all you need.

The guideline here is that if you worry it is time to pray again, and/or do more positive affirmations and visualizations.

THE CRYSTALLINE BODY I CHANNELED THIS FROM ARCHANGEL METATRON: The Crystalline Body is in place. Everyone’s cells are shifting over from the old carbon base. The rate at which the shift occurs is individual. Inviting the experience into your realm speeds up the process.

For those who are not aware, as long as they are 51% positive (ascending with Gaia/Vywamus), their bodies are now in process of shifting. This was a heavy ionic alkali metal-based body. This is the body which was created for Divine Beings to experience the lower dimensions. The Crystalline Body has an atomic make-up with transition metals, (including platinum) semi-conductors and inert gases. These new atoms carry the codes for holding the light.

This creates a hologram which is made of vibratory light. Source Frequency shoots through the Crystalline Body at an exponentially accelerated rate. This structural complexity, found in the Crystalline Body, creates an internal need for articulation.

There then is a core shaft acting as a conduit running through the center of the Crystalline Body. This is where if we open the heart–by raising the love quotient–we may bring in more Source frequency. Now that the body has new structural elements; the chemical process of breaking bonds has changed. The chemical reactions happening in the body change.

This conduit affects all of the energy centers in the body, the organs and the systems. It affects the cells, the mitochondria, the DNA, and the balance of hormones. As Source Frequency increases (also known as “The Force, aka, the Love Frequency”), there is an accumulation of light. This happens in a spiral.

An analogy for this is a snowball rolling down a hill. The Source Frequency increases and grows as the spirals quicken, and this ignites Light coursing through the system. When this happens, it can be felt as an accelerated vibrational frequency. When we accomplish this increased spiral of Source Frequency, coming in from the perinium, from the Core of Earth, and at the same time coming in from the crown, from the core of the Milky Way, then we increase our love quotient.

This pulses out to the energetic systems in our body. The Crystalline Body structure connections grow in geometric progression, according to an exponential curve. The electric connections, we call them portals, along the electric body system, connect with the Source energy coming through the central shaft.

This ignites the Source energy with an electrical force. Then it jumps to the cells in the body, made of a new atomic base which ignites with light. This liquid love light then is able to dematerialize matter into antimatter.

This is known as the “Ionic Electromagnetic Field” and it is how the Crystalline Body operates.

I CHANNELED THIS FROM LORD ARCTURUS ABOUT THE CRYSTALLINE BODY: It is important to understand, the human body is not solid. It is layers of conscious particles which are charged elements. These charged elements respond to light energy.

The elements on the periodic table, some of which, make up the human body, each have their own etheric make-up. They each have a different vibration. They also belong to Groups which are all, for example, fire, water,earth, or air Groups of atoms. These different groups respond to different octaves of cosmic rays. It looks like a symphony combining and making melodies. Certain combinations make a song and light show experience.

Carbon-based body vs. Crystalline-based body. A very interesting thing will happen 9-9-09. The Earth portal opens the energies so the crystalline structure of Earth amps up to something around 75% charged and active. THAT MEANS the selenite pillars in center Earth, and at the Poles, becomes active. So does the emerald crystal pathways.

This will effect the enrgy centers of the body in each one of us! YES. The chakras and organs, pineal and hippocampus, the emotions and memories, heart and filtration, purification, regeneration and transmutation are ALL going to be effected!! Amping up selenite pillars in earths inner core, and emerald veins, as well as veins of gold, and other minerals, will cause the human body to vibrate at a higher frequency.

No longer will old healing techniques work, they will be too crude to have an effect. Many surgeries will become outmoded overnight. The cutting out approach will disapear from use. Remember, the crystalline core of earth is changed.

The cosmic rays beaming in from the Central Sun now carry elements never seen before. These are to be absorbed by the new crystalline bodies. Crystalline bodies respond to light technology for healing. This will bring about eradication of disease.

LIGHT-ENCODED REALITY MATRIX LIGHT BEAM TECHNOLOGY THIS IS AN ARCTURIAN TECHNOLOGY It has been in limited use for the past five years on Earth. There are computer programs written into LERM that can cure anything using light beams. These are what I have been showing you on the ships.

This is what you have put out for people to ask for, when doing self-healings. People are able to be healed, in a bilocated state, while with me and it will be a form of LERM used on them. You and Mark have already been worked on, jointly, by LERM. I used this on you with Dr Lorphan and you also used it when visiting Imhotep.

This is the technology you attune people’s energy field to when you are doing healings. NEW TECHNIQUES ACTIVATION OF THE MICROTRON Another essential key has been the anchoring and activation of the microtron by Metatron. This is a type of lattice-work of light that is anchored in your energy field and which has an electrifying effect on the entire four-body system. It is another one of these golden nuggets to help you achieve ascension.

Call forth to Metatron and request that he permanently anchor the microtron into your four-body system. ANCHORING THE HIGHER BODIES Each plane of existence has a body that is connected to it. One of the super keys to accelerating evolution is to anchor, activate and actualize these bodies into your existing four-body system.

Over time, your four-body system becomes, in reality, a twelve-body system. Call for the anchoring of these bodies: the buddhic body, atmic body, monadic body, logoic body, group soul body, group monadic body, galactic body and universal body.

Then if you want to get fancy, which I recommend, call forth and anchor these bodies as described in The Keys of Enoch: the anointed Christ overself body, the zohar body, the eka body, the epikinetic body, the gematrian body, the higher Adam Kadmon body, the Lord’s mystical body, the Elohistic Lord’s body, the Paradise Sons’ body and the Order of the Sonship body.

The continual calling in of these bodies in your meditations over time will help you to merge with these bodies. Each body is a higher octave of light and frequency then the previous one. This process of merging with bodies and merging with chakras and chakra grids is the real nuts and bolts of evolution.

The principle that ties the bodies and chakras together in this process is the building of the light quotient. My unceasing commitment to calling in these bodies, chakras and the light is what has allowed me to go through three major initiations in one year. The other key to this process was working in a group body.

I could do this because I was able to tap into “the core mechanics of how evolution worked in this total essence state.” Once I came to this insight, I saw how it was possible to accelerate evolution way beyond anything that had been experienced in eons and root races in the past. This is available to everyone for the asking.

WORKING WITH YOUR MERKABA This golden key has been working with my personal merkaba. If you never have worked with your merkaba before, just ask the masters to help you create it the first time.

There are many types of merkaba. However I would recommend visualizing this as a large double terminated crystal in which you sit. It serves as a protection for your soul travel work. One of the keys to accelerating your ascension is to call forth to your own Mighty I Am Presence and/or to the ascended masters and ask that your merkaba be spun at the frequency you are trying to attain, such as the ascended master frequency or a given percentage of light quotient.

The spinning of the merkaba will raise your vibration to the next higher level. The goal then is to work to stabilize it. CONNECTION TO THE MASTER GRIDS SURROUNDING THE EARTH The next key is to call forth to Maitreya, Metatron and Lord Michael and ask to be connected to the master grid in terms of your spiritual evolution and service work.

There are three grids that surround the Earth which the masters may connect you to. As you evolve you tap into higher and higher levels. You may also ask for anchoring into the Universal Grid and Cosmic Grid. by Elizabeth Trutwin © All Rights Reserved.