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Sacred Alchemy from Atlantis Returning a Message from Metatron through Elizabeth Trutwin

Greetings! This is Metatron through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 24, 2017. For many years the theories of Ancients megalithic sites have been riddled with intentionally false statements such as transporting stones weighing 100 tons hundreds of miles on sleds or barges. Antiquity has said these magnificent stones were hoisted with ropes, one on top of the other, millions of such stones in the Great Pyramid. Archeologists know this is not scientifically possible. We do not have the technology to do it today. These megalithic structures were built and placed on solid ground by Extraterrestrial technology. This was done during the Atlantis period. Another problem is dating these megalithic structures. It is not possible to carbon date stone. We must take a closer look at the truth about these structures and where they fit into history. It was revealed to the public about three months ago that there are about 80,000 Pyramids on Earth. Some are under the Ocean. Sunken bits of past Civilizations. Here is an example of a lion headed sphinx and multiple pyramids sunken off the coast of Japan.

Yonaguni Site off the Coast of Japan.

Lionheaded Sphinx sunken off the coast of Japan.

The stories being told at ancient Egyptian sites regarding the hieroglyphics and histories at Temples are false. The most important correction needed now is in understanding the ancient Egyptian sites go back, not 5,000 years, but on average 12,000 – 18,000 years because they are rightly Atlantean. This is ancient Atlantis, not Ancient Egypt. Ancient Atlantis on the Nile River had a series of 22 Pyramids running North to South at Abu Rowash, Giza, Abu Garab, Abusir, Saqqura and Dashour.

This series of pyramids served in a network energy grid. These pyramids, obelisks, and large granite boxes worked together with the leylines or the electromagnetic grid to form an Axiatonal Planetary Alignment. This is the Unified Field of Consciousness which holds the Planetary Spin in its orbit where it belongs within the Solar System, Galaxy, Super Cluster and Universe. The Unified Field makes up the Conscious awareness for every subatomic Plank unit within each proton, each atom and particle within Spacememory of the Vacuum from our Bodies, the Planet, out to make up the entire Cosmic structure.

The subetheric generators positioned underground, below many pyramids were placed there when the pyramids were built and continue to be monitored twice a day by Galactic Federation Ships which maintain their calibration and operation. The purpose is to keep Earth from shifting its axiatonal alignment and going into wobble. This would shift Earth on Her axis and cause many imbalances in weather, tectonic plate shifts and tsunamis. The technology found in the Ark of the Covenant of God also plays a role in the Zero Point Energy which was being used in the time of Atlantis.

The Tablet of Isis shows us how water and fire merge to form a new state of matter called plasma. Plasma energy makes up most of the Cosmos. Plasma was used in this energy system during Atlantis, into the Egyptian period and in other civilizations on Earth at Solomon’s Temple, Chitchen Itza in Ethiopia and India. The Tablet of Isis is a hieroglyphic representation which was translated by Thoth, who is also Archangel Metatron, in the Atlantean period. It shows how the energy of the Divine Masculine as Hermes merged with the energy of the Divine Feminine in the form of his consort, Neptha El Ra, it created a Plasm Field at Inner Earth which fuels the entire Axiatonal Network as evidenced by leylines in an Electromagnetic Grid that hold Earth in Her spot within the Solar System and in the Connected Universe within a Unified Field connected to everything else.

The Tablet of Isis translated shows it is a hieroglyphic representation of a key to the Ancient Book of Thoth

Nikola Tesla figured out how to harness free energy as was used in ancient Atlantis and later Egypt.
The human body also has an Axiatonal Energy System which functions on the Etheric level. The rotational spin of the Chakras within the Lightbody spin down the length of the  Sushumna Nadi. Our Chakras are designed like circular flower petals with  seed crystals in the center. This is what acts on the water within the physical Body (Naptha) to modulate the DNA (Hermes, the fire) which carries plasma energy from the Sun and lives in every cell. Plasma ions are carried in through the crown and through the base chakras which pull in the energy from each to the heart. This makes a Coriolis effect. As we prepare for Disclosure and the return of our Galactic Family on Earth, we will utilize Zero Point Energy and it will effect our Bodies as well. The more we understand beforehand what is happening and why the energies are being amped up slowly through the moon phases, the easier it will be to transition to the new system of free energy production. It will effect healing and will change how we eat, sleep, create and interact with energy.

It is this plasma energy which courses through our Chakra systems and moves into the nerve cells in each of the seven octaves. It moves from there to the brain center and heart where it is stepped down into the cerebrospinal fluid,  lymph and gamma light in the globulin of the blood plasma. Your Etheric Lightbody is what gives free energy to your physical Body. Within each proton, atom, cell and DNA molecule are the spinning Plank units which make up and are within everything in the Cosmos.


During the Armana period of Akhenaten and King Tut, the technologies from Atlantis had been preserved and created the beauty, splendor and peace which was Armana. They utilized Extraterrestrial technologies during this period and traveled to all points on Earth, like Central America. They also went off-Planet to places like Mars. We have evidence Mars utilized the same technology with it’s face on Mars so like our Sphinx and it’s pyramids. The reason Akhenaten and King Tut were both murdered was the same as the reason the Truth Embargo is in effect today. There is no money to be made when Earth is a land of Peace and there is no reason to work like slaves. There were no slaves in Egypt, that was a story to hide the Atlantis technologies, to discourage the Plato documents and to keep humanity asleep. We are awakening again after more than 3,000 years of suppression all through the births of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. We are all Extraterrestrials. No one originated at Earth. Our Lightbodies are the powerhouse to the DNA. We ignite our Merkaba Bodies to travel off-Planet. That is the literal definition of ASCENSION. It is what Ascension means. It is NOT a rising from the dead as you have been told. It is a rising from the physical Body into the Lightbody and returning again to the physical. It is your ticket, your access to the eternal ethereal Cosmos. It is Cosmic Ascension. This is Metatron through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 24, 2017 © All Rights Reserved.