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Private Sessions

Lord SanandaGreetings!

Please join me for a reading with Master Sananda. Sananda has had 7 Earth Incarnations, one of which was Jesus of Nazareth. This is a Question and Answer Session. I can call you on phone or Skype. You may ask any question you like. There are no limits to these calls. I have done hundreds of readings in the past 6 years and no call is the same. I am a medical intuitive, able to connect with those who have passed, and address questions such as your Mission, where you come from and your Soul Matrix. All Questions Welcome. This knowledge will assist you in moving down the Path to Ascension. This is a service I humbly offer and is the only income for me and my children. All of my other activites are offered completly volunteer. I offer One Hour and Half Hour Sessions. If you have special needs I am happy to help you accomodate these, send me an email with your request. love, ~beth

 1 hour  1/2 hr
After you book with paypal then please keep reading and follow the instructions below. Please be certain you are ready to schedule a reading because my openings are limited. Once a reading is booked there are no refunds. Thank you for your kind understanding. Please email me any questions you have.
Thank you for all you do. I so look forward to speaking with you!
All My love,
Dear Friends,

Please email me after you book with paypal.

In your email where you pick a time (pick 3) tell me what your 3 choices are and I will send back a confirmation of our exact time. IN THE RETURN EMAIL where you have picked your time and written in the subject line 1 hour then in the body of the email you will tell me (preferred) your Skype ID OR in the U.S. your phone number. I can call phones, but I must pay for the call. I can call overseas and prefer not to because I must pay. If I do not have your name, time slot, time period and contact details all in one email then I will put you back of the line. I have to. I got caught up losing time in too much back and forth in emails and then became confused about who is who is who and its not fair to everybody for me to be struggling that way. It wastes our precious time together.

At the time of our appointment, please make note of the time and finish on time.
I am at times booking back to back appointments and wish not to be late for the next time slot because we went over time. You can imagine when I am channeling Sananda for you and you are working through a complete thought it is hard for me to interrupt and say – hey! Someone else is waiting for me….The half hour appointments are most vulnerable to this because folks start out pensive about the whole experience, receive an answer which they connect with, relax and then want their other deep questions answered and it becomes too short on time. So just be aware and help me out with that. Thank you for this.

Some Guidelines for the call:

Twice per year I am afforded the opportunity to speak with a Holy Man and ask him any question I like. I am only allowed 15 minutes. I take 6 months to prepare, always contemplating my next visit. Having answers to questions has really sped up my Spiritual growth. Folks say to me they are nervous when they come to the call and I get that. That is how I feel when I do it too. It is perfectly normal. I do not book appointments back to back to the minute, but pretty close. If we go over I miss my lunch or don’t have time to run for a pit stop. So it is important we stay on time so that I can keep going rested and well. I do have a few minutes where we can become acquainted and you may ask me any questions.
When I do my channels I am a trance channel and I listen and type. I cannot do that on the phone. When we are on the phone, Sananda is there listening and I will have you ask Him your question. Sometimes he speaks the answer to me while you are talking. Sometimes I may say to you – just let me listen for a minute….I can hear him and he shows me images to help me explain the answer. I will convey the answer and then you may get clarification or ask your next question. I want you to have the best experience possible and will help you have a complete thought by the end of the call while ending on time out of respect for the next person.

Sananda always ask I say – This is your sacred special time with Him and you may behave as if I am not there. You are invited by Him to ask any question you like. Every call is different. I have found Sananda knows EXACTLY what he wants to say to you before the call no matter what you and I speak about. I have seen profound healings on these calls and after some years have a collection of emails from folks saying everything was correct and they received so much from the experience. I was an ICU nurse 20 years and have helped channel info about health issues, I am ok with that. I also once had a lady who began with: I think I will be leaving my job – can he tell me about that? There was a pregnant pause and Sananda didn’t answer. I waited. Nothing. Waited, nothing. Then he said tell her we will speak about her relationship and then we will talk about her job. It turns out she was cheating on her marriage and was embarrassed to say that to me. Sananda spoke to her about her past lives with her lover and her husband and told her You will not be judged in Heaven or on Earth for this, but you will not escape judgment from yourself if you make the wrong choice. He counseled her on next steps. I have also connected folks on occasion with those who have passed on and they have brought forward messages. There is no limit to what you may ask.

Sananda also says that the more specific the questions are the more you will benefit from the Session. There is no need to write down questions, I do everything live. There is no time to do it another way. Some folks write down their questions for themselves so they don’t forget them at the time of the call.

Thank you for your help so I may facilitate as many calls as I have requests.
Thank you for your kind consideration and patience waiting for me to reply to your request.
If you have special circumstances with scheduling, please let me know.
If you have to reschedule please let me know as soon as possible and do not worry, we will get it done.

I am able to phone you on your cell or use Skype.

My Skype ID is Organic Cosmos and my location for Skype is Long Beach, NY.
As I have to add folks then it adds to my confusion and takes too much time. Thank you for doing this step. We cannot call until a Skype Contact is accepted. If at the time of the call we are having trouble connecting I will EMAIL you – so look there.

When you return email me please choose three times Monday through Friday from 1pm central time until 8pm central time on the hour or half hour and send me your choices. I will pick from my available slots then and email back a confirmation. I will answer these replies very quickly now that I am doing scheduling so you will not wait longer again. Thank you.
If you are more than 7-8 hours ahead of me or in Australia, or have a weekday issue, please choose your best time and email me. I cannot guess where you are, please inform me of our time difference and here is a link to the world clock if you need to look it up. I am in Chicago time. Thank you. I understand these times are not for everybody. I need to stay within these times as much as possible for my health. I am perfectly happy to be flexible for your needs.
I hope this answers most questions and I thank you for your kindness. These calls are almost always the best part of my day. I am humbled to do this work.

Thank you for all you do.

All My Love,