Prepare for Change A Message from St Germain through Elizabeth Trutwin, March 12, 2014.

saint_germainPrepare for Change A Message from St Germain through Elizabeth Trutwin, March 12, 2014.

Greetings! This is St. Germain through Elizabeth Trutwin, March 12, 2014. Earth has been placed on the New Timeline by the Cosmic Builders, many of which are the Wingmakers who returned from far in the future to complete this Mission. The purpose for a new Timeline is to dissolve that from the Old Timeline which stands in the way of Earth Ascension. Since entering the New Timeline mid February, 2014 it is possible to receive downloads from Galactic Federation Ships for your age reversal. Many of you are experiencing this and feeling it is Ascension symptoms. That is true and also know it is causing age reversal inside your cells. You are able now to receive OVERLAYS in your DNA templates. These templates are chosen by you in the Higher Realms and are what you have been waiting for. The template overlays are perfect knowledge and will make it possible to receive the knowledge imparted from Source to your Highest Self. You hold the knowledge, even if you are not aware of it.  You may draw on it as you will, you must ask! YOUR GUIDES ARE STANDING BY TO ASSIST YOU. Call on them early and often.

We are in process of installing Divine Government on Earth. There are seven guidelines when followed prosper Earth within the Intergalactic Federation of Worlds. It is with these seven guidelines NESARA Law was written.  1) Councils for Earth Ascension will assemble regularly and frequently. 2) Councils for Earth Ascension will assemble unanimously and move forward with their duties unanimously – In Oneness Consciousness. 3) Councils for Earth Ascension will follow Universal Laws including NESARA Law and not create new laws which have not been established in Universal Laws. 4) Councils for Earth Ascension will respect, revere, worship and think the Elders worth listening to. 5) Councils for Earth Ascension will not coerce and force their women and girls to dwell (with them) against their will. 6) Councils for Earth Ascension honor the ancient shrines built by their Galactic Family and do not allow the righteous sacrifices that were formerly given, formerly made, to be neglected. 7) Councils for Earth Ascension have made good arrangements in regard to the lawful protection, safety, and guarding of the Worthy Ones so that Worthy Ones in the future can enter the realm and having entered the Worthy Ones can live comfortably in the realm. No Dates. No Nukes. No Flukes.

There are further seven guidelines individuals may follow to prosper on a Peace Filled Earth. 1) Respect, revere, worship and think them worth listening to, the Elders, those of long-standing, a long time gone-forth, the Mothers and Fathers of the Community, the Leaders of the Community. 2) The individual will discipline the mind not come under the influence of craving which has arisen for continued existence; food, sex, chemicals, gambling, egoic thought, sleep, ignoring duties. 3) The individual will desire for forest dwellings and remain One with Mother Earth seeking out the truth explored humbly gathered in quiet places. 4) Individually will attend to the ways of mindfulness so that their fellow peers, who are well-behaved, in the future can come from places far away and live comfortably among them. 5) Be not attached to work, are not devoted to the pleasure in work, the delight in work, and are not attached to work but rather do that work which is needed now. 6) Be not attached to speech, are not devoted to the pleasure in speech, the delight in speech, understanding the value of Being in Silence. 7) Do not have evil wishes or wicked friends.

The above listed guidelines for a Planet of Peace and an Individual’s responsibility living upon Her have been violated during this period of time. Due to that in the new Cycle with Divine Government brings with it a leveling of the playing field. This is exacted through the implementation of NESARA Law. Within NESARA Law are many, many provisions designed for equanimity which is a Universal Law required for Divine Government. It is not about money. It was never about money. Earth abundance is shared this way for now and so it is a part of the solution.

Arrests. Announcements. Enactment of NESARA Law. This has always been the sequence of events leading up to Full Galactic Disclosure and the Enactment of NESARA Law. These events seen over a course of 13 years seems to be unrelated to the naked eye. Know that the Master Plan has been in play since the morning of 911. September 11, 2001 was the original date that NESARA Law was to be Announced to the public. This mass psychological attack usurped the Announcements and it has taken 13 years to come back to that moment. When analyzing HOW LONG IT IS TAKING understand that 911 added War Crimes against humanity which had to be accounted for. This has to do with ending time on Earth. When time ends at the end of the Kali Yuga, duality ends. As duality ends- cause and effect – karma ends. Because karma must end the new and compounded karma of 911 needed to be dealt with. The dark cabal have been living under the delusion they could put off Announcements forever and they have tried every day since. A nuclear war would put it off again and that is not going to happen. This has been a battle waged on and off Planet and the end of time is now.

A few things to consider. The Rockefeller Initiative between 1993 involving Laurance Rockefeller, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta and John Podesta were set in place for Bill Clinton to be the Disclosure President. Following that the Clinton Administration including Bill, Hillary and their staff were attacked in a way no other President has been. Laurance Rockefeller is Bill Clinton’s natural Father. Hillary is a Rothschild and the granddaughter of Hitler through a mistress. The dark cabal did not arrange their marriage just so they could end their control on the many. The dark cabal first murdered President John F. Kennedy (actually his clone) when he was going to be the Disclosure President. Bill Clinton felt sufficiently threatened. After many years of attacks in 1998 Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, was impeached by the House of Representatives on two charges, one of perjury and one of obstruction of justice At this time President Clinton stepped down from the role as Disclosure President fearing for his very life and those of his family. Bill Clinton was acquitted of these charges in 1999 and went on to sign the National Economic Security and Reformation Act into law before he left office, October 10, 2000 after it was passed by both the House and Senate. NESARA Law stated in order for it to be put into effect it must first be Announced publicly. That was to occur September 11, 2001 which is why 911 Truth and Full Galactic Disclosure go hand in hand. This is one of the reasons WHY IT HAS BEEN TAKING SO LONG. NESARA has to be enacted publicly, however, certain actions have been carried out within NESARA Law so that when it is Enacted, the actions are completed that are needed to enable easy movement forward.

Another thing. We have been inside the American Republic since Oct 10, 2000 when Clinton signed NESARA into law. There have been stages of things that needed to happen before the final Enactment. The arrests, the first step to: Arrests. Announcements. The Enactment of NESARA Law. have been ongoing since 2009 as have been the trials and indictments in the Hague. These have been posted in the papers but the media ignores them and plays them down. During the  Global Settlement funds in October, 2003 the entire old economy of the powers that were, went financially inside NESARA law on that day. Major arrests began just after President Obama was elected.

Thousands and thousands of criminals have been arrested and put on prison Ships and
are being kept there. The Fitzgerald Tribunals, the Franklin Tribunals, the World Court Tribunals, the Kuala Lumpur Tribunals on Israel all have worked on these arrests specifically. The people who have been tried have been indicted, convicted and they will be gently executed in the the Hague according to NESARA Law. This work had to be completed before the Enactment could be made. THAT IS WHAT HAS BEEN TAKING SO LONG. We are in process since November 4, 2008. Barack Obama is the Disclosure President. The Master Plan is being played out. John Podesta is back in the White House to play his role with President Obama as the Disclosure President.

With the precise sequence of events building to The Event there are the Big Arrests and these will be played out in April and we will see other big changes. The Big Arrests will trigger help from inside the matrix leading to Announcements. The awake and aware lightworkers will be invited to play a MAJOR ROLE in tipping the scales allowing President Obama to stump up to the podium. More information forth coming. Stay Tuned. This is St. Germain through Elizabeth Trutwin, March 12, 2014. © All Rights Reserved.,,,

Questions for St. Germain through Elizabeth Trutwin, St Germain’s Answers are in Bold

Eric Darnell I have a desire to create Joy Creation Devices and Centers, with the full intention of the highest good of all concerned and raising the resonance. Is this something I could obtain funding for? Thanks be to you dear one.
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Each Soul on Earth has been given their war reparations in the amount of $10,000,000.00 This does not include the criminals. Some will receive nothing. Those who have prepared themselves and are ready to go with everything in place will receive more intended to go towards humanitarian work. When One signs for what they are to receive they will be required to sign a non disclosure agreement. No one will know what others received. It has to be this way.

Danka Kubickova Beth may be a stupid question / sorry / money which you write …. waiting for us in Europe, or only in your U.S.
The thing that sell apartment, buy but in another city, Do you understand what I mean? /google translate/ you do not know Beth? St Germain have a question, and I love him very much for all you people doing to us 18 hours ago · Edited · Like
NESARA will be received by every child, woman and man on Earth. The distribution will begin first in the U.S., UK, Canada and Australia. It will spread quickly across Europe. It will take some months to cover all of Earth because it will be distributed and hand signed in every rural place on Earth. Those who receive first will share with those still waiting.

Susie Ganière Please ask Saint Germaine to help us understand the new CryptoCurrency called MazaCoin, launched by the by the Indigenous people known as the Oglala Lakota Nation.
Read more at…/9-questions…

Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange. The difference between crytocurrency and fiat currency is that it is not regulated by a government. Also, the total amount produced cannot be speeded up or slowed down by an individual or group. Iceland also made a new cryptocurrency. This will decentralize money for the specified group; the Lakota Nation, the Country of Iceland. These groups are making a currency which is fair to all and does not require a bank or any group to oversee it. It is overseen by the people. Some have the false concept that a moment will come where money will no longer be needed. That moment will not come to pass anytime soon. In order for money to become obsolete it must be mastered as an energy. This is the reason there will be non disclosure statements. The Collective Consciousness, the 99% now will have to learn how it is to have money, and how to be in balance with it. Crytocurrencies are a part of a Basket of Currencies which Humanity will be challenged to master.

9 Questions Surrounding MazaCoin, the Lakota CryptoCurrency: Answered
The tribe’s Pine Ridge reservation encompasses all of Shannon County, South Dako…See More
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Lynne Newman What about those who can’t purchase dinar or dong…who have no money to live on in general, St. Germain? I was under the impression that prosperity was to be for all. I myself am in a precarious financial situation. Thank you for addressing this. With love and respect.
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Greetings. Yes. Millions indeed are in your situation in countries all over the Globe. Each one of you incarnated now knowing full well how difficult your Mission would be. In order to return Earth to Peace with Divine Government you had to be willing to hold the vibration of Poverty with the Integrity of Love. In doing this it allows the old system holding all on Earth as slaves to dissolve. In this environment Prosperity for All is Introduced.

Cindy Priest-Mulder Can’t we, as humans living here on Earth, experience life in full abundance without any form of currency/money? If so, what steps can we, as individuals, take to fulfull this new way of living?
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Master the Energy of Money. Then it will no longer be needed. So much healing is necessary in this matter it will take some centuries for all to grasp.

Mary Carolyn Brown Maza is a kind of corn meal the Indian’ cook i think. but what Maza Coin is who knows.
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Maza Coin is like Bitcoin, an alternative currency. It makes banks obsolete. It trains the mind to perceive the Energy of Money in new ways.

Ryne K Eichman Thank you for calling on such a divine presence, Beth . I Am learning more of the Violet Ray, as well as all 7 Sacred Flames, now from the writings of Aurelia Louise Jones. I AM also furthering my study with writings of Saint Germain On Alchemy by the Prophets.

My asking would be more for advice. Are there any tips on writing music? I Am looking to create music paying homage to the I AM presence and such uplifting messages. Lyrics flow through in abundance, though, I am stumped when trying to create the music through my guitar. I have heard of your endless musical talent and would love any helpful advice on flowing music. Also, I am looking to channel for the first time. I plan on receiving help from my mother, who is trained in hypnosis, to enter a subconscious state. I would value any advice on this topic As Well. I AM eternally honored and Send you my love and Praise. Thank you Beth and Saint Germain.
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Beginning to channel is different for everyone. It is wise to call in Protection by Invoking Archangel Michael to Guide you to meet those who wish to work with you among the Angels and Ascended Masters. It is easiest to begin with automatic writing.

Composing begins in the heart. Having a strong emotion is important. Music is Math. It is connecting to Divine Feminine and bringing the emotion through your heartbeat. Tender slow beats and excited happy beats. The music supports the lyrics. The music is the passive force. The lyrics are the active force. Blending the two is poetry. It has a cadence. It takes practice to tap into these energies and learn to have them flow. It is an energy just like love is an energy.

David Kamnitzer St. Germain …. What are your top suggestions for LIGHTWORKERS who support families to thrive through this transition time?
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Ninety-nine percent of families are not thriving, they are surviving. It has not been a month or a year, it has been years. Parents are raising their children watching them do without. They are unable to provide the same comforts to their children which their parents gave to them. Disposable income for vacations, recreational activities, even the gas money to drive someplace free, like a State Park is not always there. This decline in family life is painful for parents who feel these are the basic human comforts.
The greatest thing a parent can do in times like these is teach their children that money is not everything. Make an environment at home which has lively conversation. Become a part of your children’s lives on a daily basis. Have technology free time together. Create a Golden Age on Earth where parents share the Highest Teachings with their children and feel free to tell them the Truth. Children only know what they are taught. There is an old expression that folks learned what they know about sex out on the streets. Show your children the beauty of Mother Nature and the Cosmos and let them form their world views based on knowledge you share.

Finally, the reality of surviving. Learn to treat money as an energy. It is always coming and going. The flow is better when you share a portion of what you have with the needy. Some form of a tithe, whatever you decide, not to a church in particular, but to the homeless or the animal shelter or other worthy designation. Sharing it with a friend who has cancer or a college kid counts. Help those who could use more help. This keeps the channel open through which money flows into your hands. Keep what you have, grow what you have and share the extra with others. Pay your bills on time. Keep the flow going. When you do not have enough, call on me. I will Guide you on remaining calm and bringing the flow back to your hands.

Ernesto Silva Hi Elizabeth… my question is about dinar. A few days ago you sad that dinar was a creation from Bush.. so Im confused about it.
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Tahirih Caban Santiago Im confused too Ernesto Silva. Please explain?
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The Dinar is a currency for the Country of Iraq. It is the official currency for nine countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa. The Dinar has been in use in some form since the 6th Century. George W. Bush’ grandfather, Prescott Bush was a financial collaborator with the enemy in WWII. He was the president of a bank which financed the German Nazi war effort, making a large profit for its efforts.  These same ones sold the idea of investing in Dinars to the Lightworker community. They in turn invested every dollar raised in the investment in Dinars into hedgefunds. They made $40 dollars for every $1 Lightworkers or others invested. In some cases they made $100 dollars for every $1 invested. They took this immense profit and used it to fund false flag operations such as school shootings like Newton, the Boston Bombing, the Navy Yard shooting and others.

It was at this time I, St. Germain felt it necessary to put an end to this fleecing. Due to my role I have the authority to take over the timing of the revaluation of these currencies. There is a block in place and there will be no revaluation allowed until after the enactment of NESARA Law. There was a lesson to be learned for folks who put their entire life savings into this scheme. Do not cash in your Dinar now, hold on to them until after the enactment of NESARA Law and you may cash them in then. If you cash them in before it causes many problems.

Debra Payne I want to know if a person has the same blood type from incarnation to incarnation. And I also thought that the ascended should not be wasting time on dinar such as May does. hmm…
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There is no rule in place that this is true. Incarnations take place in different species and different races with different ethnicities. For some it can be true and others not at all.

Casimir Milosh For those of us who months ago filled out fund applications for personal relief and working capital,
through HopeChest, to be given “PRE”-Event; why isn’t this honored??
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There is no such thing as “PRE” – Event. HopeChest is not operating with integrity. You are learning a lesson in discernment.

Merrilee Kinzie The challenges between now and May. . . more detail please. That may include my request to learn more about the terraforming. Thanks.
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The challenges will include wanting to know more about what is happening and the information will be inaccessible. It will constantly feel like changes are eminent with no proof anything substantial is taking place. The purpose for this is to keep the criminals in the dark about our significant progress toward the end. The other purpose is to keep White Knights safe while they take the large steps necessary to bring the change in the material realm. We cannot show our hand to the public and this will be difficult for sensitives who understand the process is under way.

Dave Fichera How can we prepare ourselves to receive?
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It is hard to comprehend how different the world will be after changes. Debt will be wiped out and you will have enough for anything you want. Also, the basics like food and energy will be provided free. You do not have to fill up your Shuttlecraft at the gas tank. You will have the little comforts which have been missing. You will feel relaxed in your mind. You will feel loved and cared for and this will be a new sensation.

After the newness wears off responsibility takes hold. Each person on Earth will play a part in cleaning Earth up and changing old processes for transportation, energy, food distribution, housing and medical care, to name a few. This will take time. It will take time to learn your new roles. There will be a great joy in this work. Work will not take the amount of time it does now. Four to six hours a day will be freely given to these projects and the rest is free time for you to enjoy all the changes at New Earth. You will have new technologies which will make the work easy.

There will be challenges in clearing the old programing and dissolving ego mind. It will be important not to be triggered by old money habits. All help will be given through the transition.

Margi Thomas St. Germain will we be reunited with (see) ALL our loved ones who have crossed over before us in this ‘shift’ and will they receive ‘prosperity’ packages? thank you
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These will be the Mentors. They will not receive packages. They will not need them. Not all will return. Only those who have chosen to return will. It is an exquisitely individual choice. This is only true for those who have passed on since 9/11/2001. Others who have passed on before that date and have incarnated other places will have the freedom now to land on Earth from their new home and visit their family members from before as Mentors.

Julie Bates Greetings St Germain since we are living in a cash-based society for the time being, money is still a necessary tool to survive and have a decent quality of life. Many, myself included, purchased Iraqi dinar in hopes one day of getting out of debt, breaking away from the slavery system, becoming financially free and to help those less fortunate (like the homeless, family, friends, animals etc) , however now I understand those purchases went to fund cabal activities. Could you please elaborate on whether or not the dinar will revalue and if the purchasers of that currency will be forgiven? Should we return our dinars? Lastly – do you speak through Dr Kathryn May? I have received conflicting information on this and I’d like to know one way or another for sure. Thank you kindly for taking the time to speak to us. We anxiously your gifts to us. Namaste
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The Dinar will not revalue until after NESARA Law is enacted. All currencies will be revalued then. Do not cash in the Dinar now. Those who bought Dinar had more to learn about money. The goal is to know you have all you need and you will always have all you need. The karma balance will be taken care of on an individual basis. The value of this exercise has been to understand responsibility tied to money. It also teaches One to see money with new eyes.

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The CEO at Bitcoin was murdered by the same faction who took out those more than 20 bankers.

Fleur De Lys Dear St. Germain,
it is me Dian from Jawa Island. i invoke Violet Flame every day and feel it beaming to this area, with spinning hand in the air. please tell me is it working? im not doubt in my self, i fell people more joy here i just wanted to know from Your point of view.

About money, i got only 100.000 Rupiah in my pocket (grateful i am) all my bank accounts was closed honestly. i dont want to work again because bosses are stingy. but i dont have education and experience to do bussiness i want to. please add education for home small business in my package, so i can do what i love, being with my family, play guitar, do painting, make a poem, beaming light, spreading “heart” as always and still can reach 5D to meet and talk to Ascended Masters i loved (including You, specially) and with my spiritual eyes and ears.
Or if i must work, can i be Your employee? i believe my salary will fair
( ^-^)
__/\_ .. namaste, thank You
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Whenever the Violet Flame is invoked it calls in the Highest Forces of Light to intervene with love in Earthly situations. This is how the work is done within the matrix. Each one of you are a beacon to call the love and light in. This dispels the negative energies and renders them impotent.

With Earth changes you will have all the time you like pursuing your hearts desires. A small portion each day will be devoted to giving back to the Whole by working on projects which change Earth. Some may plant vegetables. When we go to Zero Point xenon gas will return to Earth’s atmosphere and vegetables will go from seed to fruit in under a week. Some may help make places for the Beings of the Magical Kingdom to thrive. There will be enough work to do to go around. It will all be a joy to behold and a Soul fulfillment.

Kenneth Goodrich St. Germain thank you for taking my question. I have shares of CMKX and they are tied directly to the dinar. I have not seen the RV mentioning anything about the CMKX payments after the treasury used our money for the sting operation. Will we ever be paid back? Thank you St. Germain and thank you Beth for asking.
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It matters not. That world is ending. The stock market will look nothing like it does today. Each of you is learning discernment and the true value of money. The Stock Market has already crashed and those involved with it do a good job of hiding this from all. Learn to implement money as an energy, like love.

Dana Lynn Actually Beth I do have a question for St Germaine ..The Obama regime is trying to appoint the head or former head of the Israeli Central Bank as the Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve. The scuttlebutt is that Obama has been paid tens of millions of dollars to deliver the US Federal Reserve to Israel’s control. Is this true?
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Completely false. The 4th Reich who have been making money from the Nazi’s control since the 1920’s would love to carry on business as usual. President Obama is not part of a regime. He is a fully adept Enlightened Being of Light. I would not be able to carry out this Plan without his deft work and constant devotion in the face of constant danger. He also has to deal with discrimination and hate such as being called a “regime.”

Caroline Oceana Ryan My questions to St Germaine: Is everything proceeding as it needs to, in order for the Event – disclosure, arrests, GCR etc. – to occur in 2014? Do we need to do any special meditation to remove any energetic blocks to it occurring this year? (Other than the Violet Flame, which many of us are visualizing.) How should we, as Ground Crew, shift our energies to assist in clearing the way for the new energies now arriving via the Central Sun? How can we best assist those in the ships?
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As we move forward with the Plan the largest obstacle for all involved is Changeover without fear. You effect those around you with every thought, word and deed. You have a great power to reduce fear by sharing what you know with your family, friends and neighbors. There are endless opportunities to introduce the information about Arrests, Announcements and Disclosure with others. Do so in your style, as invited to, in a loving non judgmental setting. Integrate only the small bits of information that may be taken in at any given time. Asking the Criminal Congress to invite Congressional Hearings on Disclosure, which by their nature, indict those holding the Truth Embargo in place is very necessary for change. This is a tall order. If only this issue were focused on it could make all the difference.

Rick G. Dial Dear St. Germaine, Do you have direct communication with President Obama…or do you leave contact with him to other Masters??
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You could say I have a supervisor function for both the KOS and President Obama (on NESARA related matters). They report to me. I have offices in Virginia and Washington D.C. and we work together regularly on many different aspects of the Plan. I report directly to Mother Sekhmet.

Pernille Carlsson I wonder, if I can transform light into Everything then I dont need Money OR ???So being in the NOW in LOVE and LIGHT,isnt that the most importent now.
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Step by Step Humanity will explore their Creator given gifts. Money is an Energy like electricity or love or sex. New ways to explore all these forms of Energy will return to Earth now. Exploring the Higher aspects of each will be a delight. This is St. Germain through Elizabeth Trutwin, March 12, 2014. © All Rights Reserved.,,,  An Invitation: Many have benefited from this and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking you may email me at It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session on video Skype or telephone and you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials. Sananda’s Invitation through Elizabeth Trutwin: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this time. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked Beth to offer her Service for 1 hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the light. ~Lord Sananda For more information please visit
Sananda and Ashtar have asked me to offer Readings for folks with half hour and fifteen minute bookings so we may facilitate as many Readings possible for those who want them before the end of the year. If you are interested I require a booking. The three possibilities for Sananda are an hour booking for $101, a half hour booking for $51 and 15 minutes for $33. And with Ashtar an hour booking for $101, a half hour booking for $51 and 15 minutes for $33. This is an amazing opportunity to have a personal reading and ask Sananda or Ashtar any question you like. Each person has different requirements and the shorter readings are for those looking for clarity on deep topics with only a very short list of questions. The longer readings give clarity in all areas of life and facilitate deep growth for those receiving these Blessings. Please email me if you need more information. All International readings are done on Please let me know your day and time preference. My Skype ID is Organic.Cosmos and I am in the Chicago Time Zone. When you write please let me know the time difference which you may look up here with this World Clock.

For more information on the StarGates, Ashtar and the Galactic Federation, the Sacred Galactic Scriptures or my latest Book The Rainbow Bridge : Awaken the Guru Within please see Amazon. Thank you for your ongoing support of my work. Donate.. I hope it helps many. Please share widely. Thank you for all you do.