Opening The Third Eye and Traveling Into Infinity

third-eye-experiences-3Greetings! This is beth from Galactic roundtable. This is a Guided Imagery Meditation designed as practice in seeing on your Inner Screen. Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and relax your body in the preferred manner …

Turn off your outer eyes to activate the movie screen of the inner eye. You have your own built in virtual reality. There is nothing virtual about it. Practice makes perfect.

Now visualize yourself standing alone and a refined gold dust of tiny sparkles fills the atmosphere. As you look around, you notice a portal opening. It looks like spinning circles carrying you down a tunnel, the circles spin around you as you enter the portal. The portal is a little rough, but you proceed with ease, moving forward … stopping every now and then to look at the view below …the circles continue to spin and spin seemingly carrying you forward. This portal leads to Center Earth. Our destination today. During other meditations this portal may take you wherever you decide to go.

High above the Earth you see the glowing aurora caused by Earth’s inner Sun called Terra. As the blue light of Terra exits the pole and merges with the stratosphere mingling with the light of our Sun, Sol, the combined sunlight appears green in low Earth orbit. We enter Center Earth at the edge of a forest with young trees in rows and jocund daffodils at our feet to greet us.

Yes, the Angels and Elders are inviting you to join them in their morning flight … you know you can do this — and as soon as you accept, there you are … floating and gliding in the clear sky over the valley.You know you are perfectly safe.  You are free. You can soar as high as you wish in perfect freedom and enjoyment … Feel yourself rise, the wind supporting your wings, the Sun warming you …  feel the sky inviting you to expand … This is your world … let yourself be lifted to glide and soar peacefully, blissfully …We float above the scene within Inner Earth and see the Cities of Agartha, Shambhala and Telos. We may see the sky has an iridescent glow due to the Sun Terra shining on a domed land within Earth. It is a muted hue in the peaceful land. Everything here feels soothing and tranquil. Breathe in the magic of the scene and let it fill your cells recharging your energy to the high vibration here.

Continue to float just a while enjoying seeing what you see on your inner screen. (long pause).

Very slowly bring yourself down from the sky. Float back to your comfortable rocky ledge and feel the solid ground under your feet. Then take another look at the portal from where you caught flight and were privileged to have shared. Offer your thanks for this unique experience … then let the scene slowly fade from your mind. Become aware of your surroundings again and take time to gently awaken your body. Take a few slow breaths … and gently stretch your body. Feel new energy circulate in your body … leaving you refreshed and relaxed.