Who Is The King of Swords? KOS

WHO IS THE KING OF SWORDS? KOS by Elizabeth Trutwin

Lady Master Nada, Divine Consort of KOS

We are at this moment actually under the joint jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice/World Court and the President of the Solar Tribunal , Lady Master Nada, who has been appointed by the ICJ as Special Prosecutor with power to arrest the indicted ones; dissolve our corrupt judiciary and Announce NESARA. Agents from Interpol and ICJ are present in D.C. Along with the 82nd Airborne and others. We have been well advised that Galactic Ships are over every major city and will decloak when the signal is given.

No one gets any money from the enactment of NESARA until Lady Master Nada makes her Announcement on TV, at which time she will tell us the date of release that will be within 72 hours of her announcement. She is Special Prosecutor authorized by the Solar Tribunal, of which she is President, and the ICJ. She is expected to dissolve our Supreme Court; appoint Patrick Fitzgerald as Acting Attorney General and then authorize the arrests and removals of all cited ones.

King of Swords

The One we know as Sananda Kumara has had seven Earth incarnations: Sananda Kumara, Melchizedek, Zoroaster, King Tutankhamen, Shem, son of Noah, Jesus the Christ, and the King of Swords (KOS).

Sananda Kumara

The Vishnu Purana is one of the canonical Puranas of Hinduism, a branch of post-Vedic sacred literature which was first committed to writing during the first millennium of the common era. Like most of the other Puranas, this is a complete narrative from the creation of the current universe to its destruction. The chronology describes periods as long as a hundred trillion years. It includes extensive sections on the genealogy of the legendary kings, heroes and demigods of ancient India, including those from the epics, the Mahabharata and Ramayana. These Epic stories are the same story highlighted throughout this book. They are about how we first came to Earth. It also tells us about the five Earth Creations. Earth has always been a realm of duality, which means it is a realm of free will. Subsequently we have blown ourselves up with nuclear weapons and turned ourselves, Stars and Planets into subatomic particles. We have been reconstituted by Archangel Metatron on more than one occasion. Metatron holds the Divine Blueprint and has the capability to do so. Lord Sananda Kumara is first mentioned in the Indian Puranas. In the Vishnu Purana it describes the story of the fallen angels  and how we first came to Earth. This story is told again and again in different religions and their sacred texts. In the Srimad-Bhagavatam it describes Sananda Kumara as one of the Mind Born sons of Brahma. This is a description of Sananda Kumara’s first incarnation.

From the Vishnu Purana:

“MAITREYA.–Now unfold to me, Brahman, how this deity created the gods, sages, progenitors, demons, men, animals, trees, and the rest, that abide on earth, in heaven, or in the waters: how Brahmá at creation made the world with the qualities, the characteristics, and the forms of things.

PARÁŚARA.–I will explain to you, Maitreya, listen attentively, how this deity, the lord of all, created the gods and other beings.

Whilst he (Brahmá) formerly, in the beginning of the Kalpas, was. meditating on creation, there appeared a creation beginning with ignorance, and consisting of darkness. From that great being appeared fivefold Ignorance, consisting of obscurity, illusion, extreme illusion, gloom, utter darkness. The creation of the creator thus plunged in abstraction, was the fivefold (immovable) world, without intellect or reflection, void of perception or sensation, incapable of feeling, and destitute of motion.”

From the Srimad-Bhagavatam 3:12:4:

Brahma created the four great sages Sanaka, Sananda, Sanatana and Sanat to entrust them with these four principles of spiritual advancement, and they inaugurated their own spiritual party, or sampradaya, known as the Kumara-sampradaya, or later on as the Nimbaraka-sampradaya, for the advancement of bhakti. All of these great sages became great devotees, for without devotional service to the Personality of Godhead one cannot achieve success in any activity of spiritual value.”

The Four Principles for Spiritual Advancement are outlined below.

“The Four Paths for Spiritual Advancement are:

1) Karma Yoga is the way of selfless service. 

The selfless worker is called the Karma-Yogin. 

2) Bhakti Yoga is the path of exclusive devotion to the Lord. 

She who seeks union through love or devotion is called the Bhakti-Yogin. 

3) Raja Yoga is the way of self-restraint. 

She who seeks to have union with the Lord through mysticism is called the Raja-Yogin.

 4) Jnana Yoga is the path of wisdom. 

She who seeks to unite himself with the Supreme Self through philosophy and enquiry is called the Jnana-Yogin.”

Additionally Hindu mysticism shares the Four Principles of Spirituality:

The Four Principles of Spirituality.

“The First Principle states:
“Whomsoever you encounter is the right one”

This means that no one comes into our life by chance. Everyone who is around us, anyone with whom we interact, represents something, whether to teach us something or to help us improve a current situation.

The Second Principle states:
“Whatever happened is the only thing that could have happened”

Nothing, absolutely nothing of that which we experienced could have been any other way. Not even in the least important detail. There is no “If only I had done that differently…, then it would have been different…”. No. What happened is the only thing that could have taken place and must have taken place for us to learn our lesson in order to move forward. Every single situation in life, which we encounter, is absolutely perfect, even when it defies our understanding and our ego.

The Third Principle states:
“Each moment in which something begins is the right moment”

Everything begins at exactly the right moment, neither earlier nor later. When we are ready for it, for that something new in our life, it is there, ready to begin.

This is the Fourth Principle, the final one:
“What is over, is over”

It is that simple. When something in our life ends, it helps our evolution. That is why, enriched by the recent experience, it is better to let go and move on.
I think it is no coincidence that you’re here reading this.
If these words strike a chord, it’s because you meet the requirements and understand that not one single snowflake falls accidentally in the wrong place!

Be good to yourself.

Love with your whole being.

Always be happy.”

Sananda as Melchizedek

Sananda as Melchizedek  is called the son of God. This refers back to the Godhead where Vishnu (Alcyone) acts as Brahma and creates Sananda from a form of concentrated meditation and he is called Sananda Kumara. Melchizedek shows up during another period on Earth in the Book of Hebrews. There are strong parallels between Melchizedek and Jesus: both are the Son of God, priest of the Order of Melchizedek, King of Righteous, King of Peace, the Messiah, appointed by God, eternal priesthood, and preexistent. Besides the Biblical evidence, there exists evidence from the discoveries of early Christian texts in 1945 and the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947. There is also extra-Biblical revelations that support this Melchizedek-Jesus connection.

Hebrews 7:1-3 tells us Melchizedek is known as the King of Salem which means King of Peace. Sananda Kumara’s FlagShip is called The New Jerusalem.

From Hebrews 7:1-3:

“1 For this Melchizedek, king of Salem [and] priest of the Most High God, met Abraham as he returned from the slaughter of the kings and blessed him,

2 And Abraham gave to him a tenth portion of all [the spoil]. He is primarily, as his name when translated indicates, king of righteousness, and then he is also king of Salem, which means king of peace.

3 Without [record of] father or mother or ancestral line, neither with beginning of days nor ending of life, but, resembling the Son of God, he continues to be a priest without interruption and without successor.”

And from Hebrews 5:5-6

“5 So too Christ (the Messiah) did not exalt Himself to be made a high priest, but was appointed and exalted by Him Who said to Him, You are My Son; today I have begotten You;

6 As He says also in another place, You are a Priest [appointed] forever after the order (with [a]the rank) of Melchizedek.”

Melchizedek meaning The King of Justice and A Priest of the Most High God. We see they are referring to the Godhead Alcyone, Vishnu or Taiji all are same names in the Egyptian, Hindu, Buddhist and Taoists traditions respectively.

Sananda as Shem, son of Noah.

A professor linguistics from India has deciphered many Canaanite and Egyptian words and found their Bengali equivalent. This lead to the exploration of ethnic names, names of countries and mythical cosmology, names of divinities and their innumerable synonyms and epitaphs as same-names in several cultures through the ages, in the Bible, Vedanta and Cuneiform Tablets. We have been lead to believe that each culture and religion has their own Divinities – the Hindus, Jews and Egyptians all knew the same divinity. This is an explanation that helps us understand that these cultures in the 5th Dimension were traveling between cultures on Shuttlecraft. The One would travel from their home in Syria, for example, to Egypt and India. In each culture they would call this One a name native to their own language. They traveled back and forth in Shuttlecraft like we do in planes today.

The Kumaras came to Earth aeons ago to Guide us through this realm of free will. They have been here to support our effort for the duration of the Grand Experiment. “Kinnara” is a same-name found in Indic texts, in Pali, Prakrit, epic-Puranas, Classical Sanskrit, and Dravidian texts.The name Kumaras is found in many different cultures in time: Hebrew-Kinnor, Egyptian-Knnrt, Canaanite-Kinnar, Phoenician-Kinnur, Bengali-Kinnara, Greek-Cinyras.

A text from the Islamic world claims that the Greeks derived from Shem: Tabari II:11 “Shem, the son of Noah was the father of the Arabs, the Persians, and the Greeks;…” According to Armenian tradition, Dr. Hales is quoted saying, “To the sons of Shem was alloted the middle region of the earth viz., Palestine, Syria, Assyria, Samaria (Shinar?) Babel (or Babylonia), Persia and Hedjaz (Arabia).”

The concept of “Semitic” peoples is derived from Biblical accounts of the origins of the cultures known to the ancient Hebrews. Those closest to them in culture and language were generally deemed to be descended from their forefather Shem. The term Semite means a member of any of various ancient and modern Semitic-speaking peoples originating in the Near East, including; Akkadians (Assyrians and Babylonians), Eblaites, Ugarites, Canaanites, Phoenicians (including Carthaginians), Hebrews (Israelites, Judeans and Samaritans), Ahlamu, Arameans, Chaldeans, Amorites, Moabites, Edomites, Hyksos, Arabs, Nabateans, Maganites, Shebans, Sutu, Ubarites, Dilmunites, Bahranis, Maltese, Mandaeans, Sabians, Syriacs, Mhallami, Amalekites, Arabs, Sabians, Syriacs, Palmyrans and Ethiopian Semites. It was proposed at first to refer to the languages related to Hebrew. The Kinnaras (Kumaras) take us to the part of the world called the West Semetic region of ancient Syro-Palestine encompassing modern-day Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan, as well as the coasts of pre-Greek Asia Minor.

From Desi Words Speak of the Past:

“The presence of West Semetic tribal and land names in the Puranic ethnic lists provides a strong incentive to reexamine some more little-known names. China/Chinaka of the Puranas has been taken by some scholars to represent a branch of the Chinese people. However, the name is present in most mythsas in the older part of the Puranas, namely as dwellers by the side of the seven branched Ganges….The double name Manu-china of some Puranas (Vayu, Brahmanda) helps to identify the name as dialectical form of the Biblical people, the Qina (q=k=ch) of the Southern Palestinian deserts. Apparently, China (pronounced Cheenah) was a dialectical form of Qina. The Mahabharata also gives the name of a China king as Dhautamulaka, which strongly resembles the form of Edomite (an ancient Southern Palestinian Kingdom) royal names such as Quasmalaka….In Pali texts China-rattha was an important country whose kings controlled the ocean….famed for the production of cloth….and seems to have been the same as Sanskrit Chinamsuka. The port was very likely a Red Sea port near Aqaba….In addition to Semitic words (similar to Hebrew), many Egyptian words are also present in Old and Middle Bengali.” 

With this understanding of language same-names it has been shown that the Semite Priests were Priest-Scribes of the Rig Veda. When we revisit the writings of Zoroaster we see the gods of Hindu are mentioned there. Lord Sananda is an immortal Being who has the ability to come into the Human form at will. He remembers all his connections and brings through the teachings in lifetime after lifetime as a continuous Life Stream of Truth from the Divine. These cultures were visiting each other in their Shuttlecraft and these references are in the writings. Varuna, a god from the Vedanta is called the Heaven God and this is a reference to the fact that their vehicles of choice freely flew through the heavens. These are our Galactic Family and they were the ancient astronauts.

From The Zend Avesta, Part I:

Ҥ 3. The God that has established the laws in nature is the Heaven God. He is the greatest of gods, since there is nothing above him nor outside of him; he has made every thing, since everything is produced or takes place in him; he is the wisest of all gods, since with his eyes, the sun, moon, and stars, he sees everything.

This god was named either after his bodily nature Varana, ‘the all-embracing sky,’ or after his spiritual attributes Asura, ‘the Lord,’ Asura visvavedas, ‘the all-knowing Lord,’ Asura Mazdhâ, ‘the Lord of high knowledge.’

§ 4. The supreme Asura of the Indo-Iranian religion, the Heaven god, is called in the Avesta Ahura Mazda, ‘the all-knowing Lord;’ his concrete name Varana, which became his usual name in India (Varuna), was lost in Iran, and remained only as the name of the material heaven, and then of a mythical region, the Varena, which was the seat of the mythical fight between a storm god and a storm fiend.

§ 5. The spiritual attributes of the Heaven god were daily more and more strongly defined, and his material attributes were thrown farther into the background. Yet many features, though ever dimmer and dimmer, betray his former bodily or, rather, his sky nature. He is white, bright, seen afar, and his body is the greatest and fairest of all bodies; he has the sun for his eye, the rivers above for his spouses, the fire of lightning for his son; he wears the heaven as a star-spangled garment, he puts on the hard stone of heaven, he is the hardest of all gods. He dwells in the infinite luminous space, and the infinite luminous space is his place, his body. In the time of Herodotus, Persians, while invoking Aurâmazda, the creator of earth and heaven, still knew who he was, and called the whole vault of the sky Zeus, that is to say, called it the supreme god.

§ 6. In the Indo-Iranian religion, the supreme Asura, although he was the supreme god, was not the only god. There were near him and within him many mighty beings, the sun, wind, lightning, thunder, rain, prayer, sacrifice, which as soon as they struck the eye or the fancy of man, were at once turned into gods. If the Heaven Asura, greater in time and space, eternal and universal, everlasting and ever present, was without effort raised to the supreme rank by his twofold infinitude, there were other gods, of shorter but mightier life, who maintained against him their right to independence. The progress of religious thought might as well have gone on to transfer power from him to any of these gods, as to make his authority unrivalled. The former was the case in India: in the middle of the Vedic period. Indra, the dazzling god of storm, rose to supremacy in the Indian Pantheon, and outshines Varuna with the roar and splendour of his feats; but soon to give way to a new and mystic king, Prayer or Brahman.”

Shem is also credited with killing Nimrod, son of Cush. Nimrod was the same one as Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh had Jehovah (YHWWH), a lessor god, as his Father and a human Earth Mother. It is considered by Universal Law an abomination to combine DNA this way. Gilgamesh rose up against Jehovah. He also was a King and he made the society he lived in one which had corrupt banks and a corrupt government. He was all about having power. In his insanity he pursued possessing the Ark of the Covenant which is a technology that can create life and it can also be used as a nuclear weapon. The Ark of the Covenant was stored then in the Holy of Holies which is The Dome of the Rock StarGate.

When Shem entered the Amphibious SpaceShip called Noah’s Ark then they were escaping the floods caused when the Planet Marduk went Super Nova. When Marduk blew into bits which now constitute the Asteroid belt, the force of the explosion blew the water off the surface of Mars. When this happened Earth had been covered 66% in water and over the next year and a half became covered 75% in water. Noah’s Ark went then into Inner Earth at the Pole and stayed there a little more than a year as things calmed down on the surface. When Shem and the others returned to the surface they were commissioned with reestablishing settlements on Earth. This was a period when Earth’s Axioalignment had been set off by the sinking of Atlantis and the shattering of the Great Crystal which broke apart in the area between the Bermuda Triangle and the Canary Islands. Artificial StarGates were built to help stabilize the Axioalignment as well as the Pyramids of the Giza Plateau being created at Aldebaran and imported on large Ships to Earth by Cheops and positioned in place.

This was a very dark time on Earth when we had taken the Grand Experiment to the point that we were very close to completely destroying Earth. Sananda as Shem helped those who had made the safety of Noah’s Ark and then came back to Earth to begin again. Gilgamesh waged war against Jehovah, but not for the light, rather to establish his superiority.

Sananda as Zoroaster

Zoroaster’s name in his native language, Avestan, was probably Zaraϑuštra. His English name, “Zoroaster”, and the derivatives from a later (5th century BC) Greek transcription. Greek zōros (literally “undiluted”) and the Avestan -uštra with astron (“star”). Undiluted Star is the name of the Persian Prophet. A perfect Starseed for Earth. Some of the verses of the Gathas are directly addressed to the Omniscient Creator Ahura Mazda. These verses, devotional in character, expound on the divine essences of truth (Asha), (Vohu Manah “Good Mind” cognate with Sanskrit su-manas), referring to the good moral state of mind that enables an individual to accomplish his duties.), and the spirit of righteousness. Some other verses are addressed to the public that may have come to hear the prophet, and in these he exhorts his audience to live a life as Ahura Mazda has directed, and pleads to Ahura Mazda to intervene on their behalf. Ahura Mazda is a same name for Maitreya from the Hindu and Buddhists traditions and the Jade Emperor in the Taoist tradition.

All of these players from the Spiritual Hierarchy are the extraterrestrials who have been visiting Earth since the beginning of Creation. In the texts of Zoroastrian tradition, is Wahman, which is a borrowing of the Avestan language expression and has the same meaning, and which continues in New Persian as Bahman and variants. Manah is cognate with the Sanskrit word Manas suggesting some commonality between the ideas of the Gathas written by Zoroaster and those of the Rig Veda, which are part of the Hindu Holy Vedanta. Sananda Kumara first showing up in the Hindu texts then carrying those Universal teachings to Persian Iran and Afghanistan.

From The Zend Avesta, Part III It is clear in this passage how close these practices are similar to Hindu principles. Also, the practic of repeating prayers at specific times during the day, as in the Muslim practce, goes back to the time of Zoroaster.


THE Gâhs are the five divisions of the day. The Hâvani from 6 to 10 A.M., the Rapithwina from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M., the Uzayêirina from 3 to 6 P.M., the Aiwisrûthrima from 6 to 12 P.M., the Ushahina from 12 P.M. to 6 A.M. The Gâhs here following are prayers which must be recited at the Gâhs of the day; hence their name.


Unto Ahura Mazda be propitiation. A blessing is Righteousness (called) the Best—.

1. I confess myself a Mazda-worshipper, of Zarathustra’s order, a foe to the Daêvas, devoted to the lore of the Lord, for the holy Hâvani, regulator of the ritual order, for its sacrifice, homage, propitiation, and praise, and for Sâvanghi and Vîsya, the righteous regulator(s) of the ritual order, for their homage, sacrifice, propitiation, and praise, and for those of the Asnya, the day-lords during daylight, and the Ayara, lords of the days in their length, and for the Mâhya, the month-lords, and the Yâirya, year-lords, and for those of the especial seasons.

2. And to Mithra of the wide pastures, of the thousand ears, of the myriad eyes, the Yazad of the spoken name  be sacrifice, homage, propitiation, and praise, and to Râman Hvâstra.

3, 4. And we sacrifice to Ahura Mazda the holy lord of the ritual Order, and to Zarathustra, and to the Fravashi of Zarathustra, the saint. And we sacrifice to the Bounteous Immortals, (the guardians) of the saints, and to the good, heroic, and bounteous Fravashis of the saints (of the living and of the dead), of the bodily, and of those in heaven. And we sacrifice to the highest of the lords, the one that most attains its ends; and we sacrifice to the most strenuous of the Yazads, the most satisfying of the lords of the ritual order, the one who reaches (what he seeks), the most infallibly of those who have as yet approached the nearest in the ritual, even to the timely prayer of the saint who rules in the ritual order. 5. And we sacrifice to the Hâvani, the holy lord of the ritual order, and to the Universal Weal, the holy, ruling in the ritual order, and to Deathlessness, the holy, ruling in the ritual order. And we sacrifice to the question and lore of the holy lord of the ritual. And we sacrifice to that heroic mighty Yasna, the Haptanghâiti, the lord of the ritual order. 6. And we sacrifice to Sâvanghi and Vîsya, the holy lord(s) of the ritual order; and we sacrifice to the Airyemâ-ishyô, the holy lord of the ritual order, the powerful, victoriously smiting, that which no hate can reach, which overwhelms all torments, and which passes over all torments with victory, which is the uppermost, and the middle, and the foremost, for the effective invocation of that surpassing Mãthra, the five Gâthas.

7, 8. And we sacrifice to Mithra of the wide pastures—, and to Râman Hvâstra, for the worship and exaltation of Vîsya, the chief. And we sacrifice to

Vîsya, the holy lord of the ritual order, and to Mithra, and to Râman Hvâstra—.

9-11. And we sacrifice to thee, the Fire, O Ahura Mazda’s son, the holy lord of the ritual order. And we sacrifice to this Baresman which has the Zaothra with it, and the girdle with it, and which is spread with exact sanctity, itself the holy lord. And we sacrifice to the Apãm-napât, and to Nairya-sangha, and to that Yazad, the swift curse of the wise. And we sacrifice to the souls of the dead, [which are the Fravashis of the saints]. And we worship that exalted Lord who is Ahura Mazda, the highest object of the ritual order, who is the one who has attained the most to homage in the ritual. And we sacrifice to all the words which Zarathustra spake, and to all the deeds well done, and to those which shall yet be done in days to come. (And) we sacrifice to that male one of beings whose (gift) in the offering Ahura doth know to be better, and of female saints, the same. As the Ahû is to be (revered and) chosen, so (is) the Ratu, one who rules from the Righteous Order, a creator of mental goodness, and of life’s actions done for Mazda, and the Kingdom (is) to Ahura, which to the poor shall offer a nurturer—.”

Sananda as King Tutankhamen.

There is not a lot of historical information about King Tutankhaten that reflects fully the 5th Dimensional Realm he lived in during that lifetime. This story begins in 18th Dynasty Egypt. At this time in Egypt Mother Sekhmet was incarnate in her lion goddess body and living in the society. During this lifetime she remained in her body on Earth for 3,000 years. 520 of those years were written off the record and that is why when we compare the Bible to other manuscripts nothing matches up. Also, Egypt was in the 5th Dimension then and that means Star Ships came and went and we had the full ability to visit other Stars and Dimensions freely from Earth. At the same time, this period was marked, like today, with power struggles, drinking and drugging, pedophillia and a world at war. During Jesus lifetime on Earth the power struggle was between the Holy Land and Cesar of Rome. In the 18th Dynasty of Egypt, many of the players on both sides were the same Ones as would latter work through the same issues again. In Egypt at that time Moses and Akhenaten were the same incarnate Soul. Moses wandering in the dessert was the same Being as Akhenaten moving the Capital from Thebes to the City of Akhetaten. The records have been thoroughly cleansed, it is true nonetheless.

Amenhotep III was an incarnation of Master Serapis Bey. He was Amenhotep IV Father. Amenhotep IV had a name change when he took on the role of establishing monotheism on Earth. His new name was Akhenaten. He had seven daughters with his wife Queen Nefertari. The Ones who played those roles then, Akhenaten, Nefertari, and at least two of their daughters are incarnate on Earth now. King Tut is incarnate on Earth now as King of Swords. Within the Royal Court in the Royal family the children were brought up starting very young being initiated by Amenhotep III and others at The Great Pyramid in Giza. There is an Ashtar Command Base located under the Giza Plateau with entrances under the Sphinx. The head of the Sphinx is the female face of Mother Sekhmet. If overlaid with the image from the lion face on the surface of Mars, then the composite is what Mother Sekhmet looks like. Her Goddess form on Earth and her Lion form on Mars. While children, Akhenaten’s third daughter, Anesankhaten and Tutankhaten fell in love. They attended the initiations together and were best friends from a very young age. Later they were married and had three children. Two daughters who did not survive and a son who did.

The dark cabal was very involved with taking out the royal family, one by one. Nefertiti left and Akhenaten was killed. After that the first daughter, Meritaten and her husband took the throne and were also killed. The second daughter had died of an illness in childhood, Beketaten. That left Anesankhaten and Tutankhaten to take the throne. King Tut was killed while out on a hunting trip. He was beaten and died from his injuries. Anes was left alone to carry on the succession of the throne. In Egypt the throne was passed on to the daughters of the King.

When King Tut and his wife had their first two children, daughters, they were carried out of the birthing room and killed immediately. Their heads were smashed shortly after birth. When they had their third child, a boy, he was removed immediately by their allies and hidden in a Monk’s temple in Elephantine. His parents went secretly over the years to see him there. After King Tut was killed by the dark Ones, and just before their son was to come to age, at age 13, the dark Ones raided the Temple he made his home and killed their son. After this Anes lost her will to live. Everyone she loved had been killed. Her Mother was safely hidden away, but they would not see each other again.

The Amun Priesthood managed to wipe out the notion of worshiping The One God and returned the people to make offerings to multiple gods in the Temples and bringing their money offerings for frequent rituals. This had the dark cabal, then known as the Amun Priesthood regain their power, control and wealth. This ended the attempt for Earth Ascension in that lifetime.

King Tut was praising the Godhead, the three-in-one Holy Trinity with this Hymn to the Aten. Praise of Re-Har-akhti is referring to Ra-Alcyone-Sekhmet. In Hinduism Vishnu (Alcyone) is referred to as Hare and Sekhti is the nickname for Sekhmet. Re-Har-akhti. His name is Shu refers to Vishnu who lives in the Sun – Disk – in his Mothership and who is immortal.

The Great Hymn to the Aten, written by Akhenaten

Praise of Re Har-akhti, Rejoicing on the Horizon, in His Name as Shu Who Is in the Aton-disc, living forever and ever; the living great Aton who is in jubilee, lord of all that the Aton encircles, lord of heaven, lord of earth, lord of the House of Aton in Akhet-Aton; (and praise of) the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, who lives on truth, the Lord of the Two Lands: Nefer-kheperu-Re Wa-en-Re; the Son of Re, who lives on truth, the Lord of Diadems: Akh-en-Aton, long in his lifetime; (and praise of) the Chief Wife of the King, his beloved, the Lady of the Two Lands: Nefer-neferu-Aton Nefert-iti, living, healthy, and youthful forever and ever; (by) the Fan-Bearer on the Right Hand of the King … Eye.

He says: Thou appearest beautifully on the horizon of heaven,
Thou living Aton, the beginning of life!
When thou art risen on the eastern horizon,
Thou hast filled every land with thy beauty.
Thou art gracious, great, glistening, and high over every land;
Thy rays encompass the lands to the limit of all that thou hast made:
As thou art Re, thou reachest to the end of them;
(Thou) subduest them (for) thy beloved son.
Though thou art far away, thy rays are on earth;
Though thou art in their faces, no one knows thy going.

When thou settest in the western horizon,
The land is in darkness, in the manner of death.
They sleep in a room, with heads wrapped up,
Nor sees one eye the other.
All their goods which are under their heads might be stolen,
(But) they would not perceive (it).
Every lion is come forth from his den;
All creeping things, they sting.
Darkness is a shroud, and the earth is in stillness,
For he who made them rests in his horizon.

At daybreak, when thou arisest on the horizon,
When thou shinest as the Aton by day,
Thou drivest away the darkness and givest thy rays.
The Two Lands are in festivity every day,
Awake and standing upon (their) feet,
For thou hast raised them up.
Washing their bodies, taking (their) clothing,
Their arms are (raised) in praise at thy appearance.
All the world, they do their work.

All beasts are content with their pasturage;
Trees and plants are flourishing.
The birds which fly from their nests,
Their wings are (stretched out) in praise to thy ka.
All beasts spring upon (their) feet.
Whatever flies and alights,
They live when thou hast risen (for) them.
The ships are sailing north and south as well,
For every way is open at thy appearance.
The fish in the river dart before thy face;
Thy rays are in the midst of the great green sea.

Creator of seed in women,
Thou who makest fluid into man,
Who maintainest the son in the womb of his mother,
Who soothest him with that which stills his weeping,
Thou nurse (even) in the womb,
Who givest breath to sustain all that he has made!
When he descends from the womb to breathe
On the day when he is born,
Thou openest his mouth completely,
Thou suppliest his necessities.
When the chick in the egg speaks within the shell,
Thou givest him breath within it to maintain him.
When thou hast made him his fulfillment within the egg, to break it,
He comes forth from the egg to speak at his completed (time);
He walks upon his legs when he comes forth from it.

How manifold it is, what thou hast made!
They are hidden from the face (of man).
O sole god, like whom there is no other!
Thou didst create the world according to thy desire,
Whilst thou wert alone: All men, cattle, and wild beasts,
Whatever is on earth, going upon (its) feet,
And what is on high, flying with its wings.

The countries of Syria and Nubia, the land of Egypt,
Thou settest every man in his place,
Thou suppliest their necessities:
Everyone has his food, and his time of life is reckoned.
Their tongues are separate in speech,
And their natures as well;
Their skins are distinguished,
As thou distinguishest the foreign peoples.
Thou makest a Nile in the underworld,
Thou bringest forth as thou desirest
To maintain the people (of Egypt)
According as thou madest them for thyself,
The lord of all of them, wearying (himself) with them,
The lord of every land, rising for them,
The Aton of the day, great of majesty.

All distant foreign countries, thou makest their life (also),
For thou hast set a Nile in heaven,
That it may descend for them and make waves upon the mountains,
Like the great green sea,
To water their fields in their towns.
How effective they are, thy plans, O lord of eternity!
The Nile in heaven, it is for the foreign peoples
And for the beasts of every desert that go upon (their) feet;
(While the true) Nile comes from the underworld for Egypt.

Thy rays suckle every meadow.
When thou risest, they live, they grow for thee.
Thou makest the seasons in order to rear all that thou hast made,
The winter to cool them,
And the heat that they may taste thee.
Thou hast made the distant sky in order to rise therein,
In order to see all that thou dost make.
Whilst thou wert alone,
Rising in thy form as the living Aton,
Appearing, shining, withdrawing or aproaching,
Thou madest millions of forms of thyself alone.
Cities, towns, fields, road, and river —
Every eye beholds thee over against them,
For thou art the Aton of the day over the earth….

Thou are in my heart,
And there is no other that knows thee
Save thy son Nefer-kheperu-Re Wa-en-Re,
For thou hast made him well-versed in thy plans and in thy strength.

The world came into being by thy hand,
According as thou hast made them.
When thou hast risen they live,
When thou settest they die.
Thou art lifetime thy own self,
For one lives (only) through thee.
Eyes are (fixed) on beauty until thou settest.
All work is laid aside when thou settest in the west.
(But) when (thou) risest (again),
[Everything is] made to flourish for the king,…
Since thou didst found the earth
And raise them up for thy son,
Who came forth from thy body: the 

King of Upper and Lower Egypt, 

… Ak-en-Aton, … and the Chief Wife of the King .

.. Nefert-iti, living and youthful forever and ever.

Sananda as the Christ,  Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus is believed to be the prophesied Messiah of the Jewish Faith. Christians believe he was conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin called Mary. His Father was Joseph, an incarnation of St. Germain.

What most do not know is that during this lifetime two souls played the role of Jesus. One was not a full template of Sananda Kumara. He was 9/12th of the energy of the whole template. This is the One who challenged the authorities who were trying to control Earth, the Romans and others. This is the One who married Mary Magdelene and they had five children and moved to France. Because he was constantly inviting his detractors to challenges he was putting both of them in jeopardy. This was a similar situation to breaking the gag order now and having the dark Ones always trying to do away with the whistleblowers. Often they succeeded.

There was also another One who was a full template 12/12 of Sanada Kumara incarnate on Earth. This is the One who had to leave and travel. He did this to stay out of the way of those who felt challenged by 9/12 presence. Sananda Kumara traveled all over the world during the years he was away teaching the Mysteries. He was called the White Prophet. He came back in the end and played out the end of the story. There was a brief period where a walk-in Soul came in for the few days when Jesus was beaten and hung on the cross. The reason for this was because this volunteer took on that karma. It was not in Sananda’s role to play that part.

When King Herod ordered the killing of all male children age 2 and under, they travelled on Land Speeders in underground tunnels and lived in Egypt. Eventually they went back. From the age of 12 to 30, Jesus studied the Vedas with Ascended Masters in the Indus valley and went back to the Middle East on a Land Speeder. When Jeshu and Magdalene had their first child (a daughter named Sarah, a past life of Lady Diana), they went to Mt. Carmel inside the mountain was an access to the Agartha network and they went to Egypt and the Kings Chamber for teachings from the Ashtar Command.

Caesar of Rome had changed the law during this time and he made Maritime Law the Law of the Land. It has remained in effect since more than two thousand years. Cesar was responsible for bringing this tyranny to Earth. It is this Maritime Law which will be abolished when we enact NESARA Law. We will return to Common Law and all Attorneys will be reeducated in Common Law. The dark cabal are the Ones who orchestrated Jesus’ crucifixion on the cross. This lifetime was very similar to that of King Tut in that the cabal came in and killed any chances of Ascension for Earth in that lifetime. Following the crucifixion Jesus was resurrected from the dead. Resurrection is another word for Ascension.

We have a record of what happened after the resurrection, though it is not mentioned in the Bible. After the resurrection the twelve disciples and seven women-disciples of Jesus go into Galilee to a certain mountain. To them Jesus appears as a great angel of light and bids them lay all their questions before him. The disciples bring forward their questions and receive the desired replies. He spends a period of forty days with them before returning to his job on the Bridge of the New Jerusalem. During this time scribes take down all that has been said. In the 19th century these books were translated into English. In the Pistis Sophia Jesus explains what it will take to obtain Ascension in their lifetimes. In the Hindu Kush there are volumes of material written by Jesus and Magdalene and some of them are as big as 3 ft thick and 2 ft tall. They are waiting there today and we will all be able to read them.

From The Second Book of the Pistis Sophia, Chapter 100:


When the Saviour had finished saying all this unto his disciples, |247. Andrew came forward and said: “My Lord, be not wroth with me, but have mercy upon me and reveal unto me the mystery of the word concerning which I shall question thee, for it hath been hard for me and I have not understood it.”

The Saviour answered and said unto him: “Question concerning that on which thou desirest to question, and I will reveal it unto thee face to face without similitude.”

Andrew questioneth Jesus: And Andrew answered and said: “My Lord, I am astonished and marvel exceedingly, how the men who are in the world and in the body of this matter, if they come forth out of this world, will pass through these firmaments and all these rulers and all lords and all gods and all these great invisibles and all those of the region of the Midst and those of the whole region of the Right and all the great [ones] of the emanations of the Light, and enter into them all and inherit the Light-kingdom. This matter, therefore, is hard for me.”

That the disciples and the powers are all from the same Mixture: When then Andrew had said this, the spirit of the Saviour was roused in him; he cried out and said: “How long am I to endure you? How long am I to bear with you? Have ye then not even yet understood and are ye ignorant? Know ye then not and do ye not understand that ye and all angels and all archangels and the gods and the lords and all the rulers and all the great invisibles |248. and all those of the Midst and those of the whole region of the Right and all the great [ones] of the emanations of the Light and their whole glory,–that ye all one with another are out of one and the same paste and the same matter and the same substance, and that ye all are out of the same Mixture.

“And at the commandment of the First Mystery the Mixture was constrained, until all the great [ones] of the emanations of the Light and all their glory purified themselves, and until they purified themselves from the Mixture. And they have not purified themselves of themselves, but they have purified themselves by necessity according to the economy of the One and Only, the Ineffable.

“They indeed have not at all suffered and have not at all changed themselves in the regions, nor at all torn themselves asunder nor poured themselves into bodies of different kinds and from one into another, nor have they been in any affliction at all.

Of transcorporation and purification:”Ye then in particular are the refuse of the Treasury and ye are the refuse of the region of the Right and ye are the refuse of the region of those of the Midst and ye are the refuse of all the invisibles and of all the rulers; in a word, ye are the refuse of all these. And ye are in great sufferings and great afflictions in your being poured from one into another of different kinds of bodies of the world. And after all these sufferings ye have struggled of your-selves and fought, having renounced the whole world and all the matter therein; and ye have not left off seeking, until ye found all the mysteries of the kingdom of the Light, which have purified you and made you into refined light, exceedingly purified, and ye have become purified light.

“For this cause have I said unto you aforetime: ‘Seek, that ye may find.’ I have, therefore, said unto you: Ye are to seek after the mysteries of the Light, which purify the body of matter and make it. into refined light exceedingly purified.

Of the purifying mysteries: “Amēn, I say unto you: For the sake of the race of men, because it is material, I have torn myself asunder and brought unto them all the mysteries of the Light, that I may purify them, for they are the refuse of the whole matter of their matter; else would no soul of the total race of men have been saved, and they would not be able to inherit the kingdom of the Light, if I had not brought unto them the purifying mysteries.

“For the emanations of the Light have no need of the mysteries, for they are purified; but it is the race of men which hath need of them, because they all are material refuse For this cause, therefore, have I said unto you aforetime: ‘The healthy have no need of the physician, but the sick,’–that is: Those of the Light have no need of the mysteries, for they are purified lights; but it is the race of men which hath need of them, for [they] are material refuse [pl.].

“For this cause, therefore, herald to the whole race of men, saying: Cease not to seek day and night, until ye find the purifying mysteries; and say unto the race of men: Renounce the whole world and the whole matter therein. For he who buyeth and selleth in the world and he who eateth and drinketh of its matter and who liveth in all its cares and in all its associations, amasseth other additional matters to the rest of his matter, because this whole world and all therein and all its associations are material refuse [pl.], and they will make enquiry of every one concerning his purity.

“For this cause, therefore, I have said unto you aforetime: Renounce the whole world and the whole matter therein, that ye may not amass other additional matter to the rest of your matter in you. For this cause, therefore, herald it to the whole race of men, saying: Renounce the whole world and all its associations, |251. that ye may not amass additional matter to the rest of your matter in you; and say unto them: Cease not to seek day and night and remit not yourselves until ye find the purifying mysteries which will purify you and make you into a refined light, so that ye will go on high and inherit the light of my kingdom.

That all who are purified will be saved: “Now, therefore, Andrew and all thy brethren thy co-disciples, because of your renunciations and all your sufferings which ye have endured in every region, and because of your changes in every region and of your being poured from one into another of different kinds of bodies and because of all your afflictions, and after all this ye have received the purifying mysteries and are become refined light exceedingly purified,–for this cause, therefore, ye will go on high and penetrate into all the regions of all the great emanations of the Light and be kings in the Light-kingdom for ever.

That finally they will be higher than all powers: “But if ye come forth out of the body and come on high and reach unto the region of the rulers, then will all the rulers be seized with shame before you, because ye are the refuse of their matter and have become light more purified than them all. And if ye reach unto the region of the Great Invisible and unto the region of those of the Midst and of those of the Right and unto the regions of all the great emanations of the Light, then will ye be revered among them all, because ye are the refuse of their matter and are became light more purified than them all. And all the regions will sing praises before you, until ye come to the region of the kingdom.

“This is the answer to the words on which ye question. Now, therefore, Andrew, art thou still in unfaith and unknowing?” 

Jesus pardoneth the ignorance of Andrew.When then the Saviour said this, Andrew knew clearly, not only he but also all the disciples knew with precision that they should inherit the Light-kingdom. They all threw themselves down together at Jesus’ feet, cried aloud, wept and besought the Saviour, saying: “Lord, forgive our brother the sin of unknowing.”

The Saviour answered and said: “I forgive and will forgive; for this cause, therefore, hath the First Mystery sent me, that I may forgive every one his sins.”

The disappointing point of this incarnation of Jesus life was that none of his devotees came forward when his life was on the chopping block. Peter was too afraid and gave him up. Why didn’t anyone say: “Take Me, Instead.” Only a handful of people on Earth at the time understood Ascension and the reason for the incarnation of Sananda Kumara. A new Plan was made for Earth and we are watching that come to pass in our lifetimes.

Sananda as the King of Swords (KOS)

Sananda Kumara with the full template is incarnate now as the King of Swords. He works as one of the heads of the Secret Service at the White House. He is with President Obama protecting his life every single day. KOS and his right hand man, Tom the Ring Tail Cat Paschat stay with Michelle Obama and their two daughters to protect their lives. This has been a very tense last few years because their lives are threatened everyday. The dark cabal know that they are at the end of time and have tried very hard to disrupt The Plan for Ascension. King of Swords and Tom the Ring Tail Cat are both code names. Both of these men are Galactic Humans with full adept abilities. The are fully telepathic with their Sovereign Militia 16 million strong and working in all walks of life all over the world, secretly in order to implement The Plan. All forms of advanced Galactic Technology including phaser weapons and technologies we cannot imagine are afforded to the Sovereign Militia. KOS and Tom the Cat and the Ones they work with are deep undercover agents. They are shape-shifters. KOS is also the Provost Marshall and holds the authority given that office. If you research the head of the Secret Service or the Provost Marshall you will not find him there. You will not find his real name. You will not find one picture or film of him anywhere. After the Arrests, Announcements and Disclosure then he will be there in public. We are at the end of time and there will be no deviation from the Plan until every criminal is removed from the Planet and no one is in danger any more. There are already thousands locked in Ships prisons while their clones continue walking on Earth holding the matrix program together so folks do not suffer fear. The illusion is being held together and will be until the last minute.

KOS is a Navy Seal and a Vietnam Veteran. When he was in Vietnam his Commander gave him an order to kill civilian women and children. When he heard the order he turned his weapon on his commanding officer and shot him dead. He went up the chain of command to those who had commissioned his commander to give this order and he killed them all. When Jehovah commandeered the Niburu carrying the 144,000 Kumaras and Sananda was there watching, He made an Oath that he would be there at the end of the Grand Experiment. This is what was meant in the book of Revelation when they said Jesus will return in robes dipped in blood. The intergalactic war criminals can longer stay on Earth in this end of time. KOS was with George Bush, Jr on the morning of 911 in the classroom in Florida. He watched as George Bush, Jr just sat there for nine minutes after being told the United States was under attack.

From the Book of Revelations:

Revelation 19:11-16

“11 After that I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse [appeared]! The One Who was riding it is called Faithful (Trustworthy, Loyal, Incorruptible, Steady) and True, and He passes judgment and wages war in righteousness (holiness, justice, and uprightness).

12 His eyes [blaze] like a flame of fire, and on His head are many kingly crowns (diadems); and He has a title (name) inscribed which He alone knows or can understand.

13 He is dressed in a robe dyed by [a]dipping in blood, and the title by which He is called is The Word of God.

14 And the troops of heaven, clothed in fine linen, dazzling and clean, followed Him on white horses.

15 From His mouth goes forth a sharp sword with which He can smite (afflict, strike) the nations; and He will shepherd and control them with a staff (scepter, rod) of iron. He will tread the winepress of the fierceness of the wrath and indignation of God the All-Ruler (the Almighty, the Omnipotent).

16 And on His garment (robe) and on His thigh He has a name (title) inscribed, king of kings and lord of lords.

17 Then I saw a single angel stationed in the sun’s light, and with a mighty voice he shouted to all the birds that fly across the sky, Come, gather yourselves together for the great supper of God,

Surely One may surmise the birds that fly across the sky are the many MotherShips which are here to come to the great feast where Ships will land again on Earth when She is a Planet of Peace.

Revelation 7:2-4

“And I saw another angel coming up from the east, carrying the seal of the living God. And he shouted to those four angels, who had been given power to harm land and sea, ‘Wait! Don’t harm the land or the sea or the trees until we have placed the seal of God on the foreheads of his servants.’ And I heard how many were marked with the seal of God – 144,000 were sealed from all the tribes of Israel.”

When KOS returned to the United States he had a job as a helicopter pilot who reported local news and traffic. He would get 30 seconds as “Anonymous 6” and he read John Winston’s messages. John Winston is one of the folks who worked in the agencies and got his NESARA blessings in 1996 and got out afterwards. He began to spill his guts and talk of the chemtrails and so did his son. His son was a United Airlines pilot and he crossed one of the mechanics putting the canisters in the toilets and running the tubes out. He was told to forget it. Three days later he was killed.

KOS is a full adept Being and he also travels by StarShip. There is a portal to enter the New Jerusalem right from inside the White House. He and President Obama use this access together. Ashtar visits the Oval Office to discuss aspects of The Plan with President Obama while KOS and his Navy Seals protect the space within and without.

Two former participants in the CIA’s Red Planet visitation program of the early 1980’s have confirmed that U.S. President Barack H. Obama was enrolled in their Red Planet training class in 1980 and was among the young Americans from the program who they later encountered on the Martian surface after reaching Red Planet via the “jump room.” Andrew D. Basiago, a lawyer in Washington State who served in DARPA’s time travel program Project Pegasus in the 1970’s, and fellow chrononaut William B. Stillings, who was tapped by the Red Planet program for his technical genius, have publicly confirmed that Obama was enrolled in their Red Planet training class in 1980 and that each later encountered Obama during visits to rudimentary U.S. facilities on Red Planet that took place from 1981 to 1983. Their astonishing revelations provide a new dimension to the controversy surrounding President Obama’s background and pose the possibility that it is an elaborate ruse to conceal Obama’s participation as a young man in the U.S. Secret Space Program.

Red Planet training class held for future Red Planet visitors

 According to Mr. Basiago and Mr. Stillings, in Summer 1980 they attended a three-week factual seminar about Red Planet to prepare them for trips that were then later taken to Red Planet via teleportation. The course was taught by remote viewing pioneer Major Ed Dames, who was then serving as a scientific and technical intelligence officer for the U.S. Army. It was held at The College of the Siskiyous, a small college near Mt. Shasta in California. They state that ten teenagers were enrolled in the Mars training program. In addition to Basiago and Stillings, two of the eight other teenagers in Major Dames’ class that they can identify today were Barack Obama, who was then using the name “Barry Soetoro,’and Regina Dugan, who Mr. Obama appointed the 19th director and first female director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in 2009. As many as seven parents of the ten students, all with ties to the CIA, audited the class. They included Raymond F. Basiago, an engineer for The Ralph M. Parsons Company who was the chief technical liaison between Parsons and the CIA on Tesla-based teleportation; Thomas Stillings, an operations analyst for the Lockheed Corporation who had served with the Office of Naval Intelligence; and Mr. Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, who carried out assignments for the CIA in Kenya and Indonesia.

KOS entered the Secret Service when President Clinton entered office and he has been there since. President Clinton had been groomed to be The Disclosure President. He was too afraid of assassination to carry it out. President Obama will be the Disclosure President. This is a very elaborate Plan which will not fail.

The legal means to take us through this denouement was set in place in 1999 by the ICJ at which time St. Germain and the King of Swords who is the head of the worldwide militia of 16,000,000 men plus 40,000 Galactic-humans, were given the power to prosecute and take such actions as are required to remove the corrupt Ones and to insure that the whole Planet is prepared for upshift of Consciousness and Love. © Elizabeth Trutwin All Rights Reserved.


Imagine you have been invited by the Universe to be one of the handful of people on Earth who know about NESARA Law and you are asked to promote it to help raise Earth Consciousness to end war and live in abundance which is our birthright; health, freedom and prosperity. There are actually millions of people on Earth who know about NESARA Law and are working to bring it to fruition, but they all have a gag order in place and they are instructed to behave as if they have no idea who you are. If they break the gag order, not only will they be killed, but so will their family members. Also, many affluent people who are the few controlling the many will produce websites debunking NESARA Law and will launch personal attacks on you which will last years. It sounds almost like a conspiracy theory? It happened to me. I’m sure after a quick look around the internet you may be wondering how I can think it is real? Who gave the bankers and wall street companies a 700 trillion dollar bailout? Do you believe that is real? Millions of Occupy America protestors do believe that is real. It is real. All of the corruption, the government working in collusion with the banks to take away our land and take us deep into poverty, that is real. NESARA Law was written as a remedy for a lawsuit that the farmers filed and it was taken all the way through the Supreme Court. Please read through and it will begin to make sense to you. I invite you to sign the NESARA White House Petition designed to invite President Obama to Announce thereby Enact NESARA Law.  ~Elizabeth Trutwin Sign The NESARA Petition here

“Long before NESARA, a project was born to restore the United States of America to its original Constitution of the Republic, and to remove the structure of the Corporate United States. This project began in the early 1950’s and involved intelligent and patriotic minds of both civilian and military background. These people over the years became known as the White Knights. Out of this restoration process came the Prosperity Programs, the Farmer Claims, and finally NESARA. The children of the wealthy families on our planet became concerned about the future of our civilization, when they observed the poverty, disease, starvation and suffering of the masses. They saw the imbalance between the wealth of the few and the destitution of the many, and agreed among themselves to try to correct it. One hundred of these wealthy children, who came to be known as “wealthy visionaries”, put one million dollars each, of their money, into investment programs in the 1980’s called “roll programs” to generate funds to be used for humanitarian purposes. Thus, the Prosperity Programs were born. Gradually, news of this spread to the public and millions of people invested small amounts of their meager funds to aid in these various Prosperity Programs success. Also, during the 1970’s and 1980’s many U.S. farmers were losing their land, machinery, buildings, and cattle due to fraudulent foreclosures by the Federal Reserve Banks, in cooperation with the IRS. Many farmers joined forces and brought a class action lawsuit against the U.S. Government, the non-federal Federal Reserve Bank, and the IRS, for fraud against the farmers.” ~David E Robinson from his book NESARA

What is NESARA?

National Economic Security and Reformation Act.

Is NESARA for real?

I can assure you that NESARA [the National Economic Security and Reformation Act] is for real. I say that because I and my colleagues have talked to Bill Clinton, King of Swords (KOS), Ashtar, Mother Sekhmet, Lady Master Nada and 14 members of Congress who contributed their expertise to crafting various sections of the Law – not a bill! KOS and Seal teams recently moved the original signed document to a safer place so it will be available to Lady Master Nada when she makes her TV Announcement.

NESARA [National Economic Security and Reformation Act] was signed into Law by Bill Clinton in Oct 2000, but sealed from any attempt to prove its existence until it is announced, at which time it becomes fully enacted.

What are your sources on NESARA?

What I know comes from Faction 3 Intelligence, which is 38 levels above the President, which involves KOS, ACIO [Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization] of which I am a member, Ashtar Command, Ascended Masters, Mother Sekhmet, the president of the Solar Tribunal, and White Knights within the top levels of government and intelligence.

One of my friends was originally contacted by the team of 100 wealthy visionaries over 33 years ago and asked to help get the word out and be a liason between parties. My friend, Rama Arjuna, who is Ashtar’s incarnated son, was contacted by Ashtar to combine their efforts with KOS in 1979 to help bring this to Announcement. All of these folks are real and backed up by Galactic Federation support, around the world in every country.

The sources of our information, come from both alternative broadcast media–like Air America Radio; local media personalities and, most importantly, from those at 38 levels above the President in the ACIO/Seal/Delta Teams/King of Swords/King of Egypt (code names of course); Mother Sekhmet through direct channelling; OOB meetings with Ashtar, Sananda, Ascended Masters on the Starships and Solar Tribunal Councils.

KOS has an encrypted telephone network through which he sends people messages to get information out to the public. He is based in D.C. and was appointed with St Germain by the World Court in 1999 as head of the worldwide militia of over 4 million, and is a high ranking member of the secret service.

One source was approached more than 33 years ago by the wealthy visionaries and asked to assist with what became NESARA. She has continued with that work to this moment. And, NO, this is not Dove.  Rama goes up to the ships almost every night to work with Mother Sekhmet, and many others. We are all dedicated to getting NESARA announced and bringing the New Republic into full manifestation and to full Planetary Ascension.

Our summaries are sent to a very small circle of close friends. We try to only include what we have personal knowledge of even though–like everyone else–information comes in dribs and drabs and some questions and exact times will not be answered until it is safe to do so. I mention the designations of those we get info from even though some congressmen have checkered political records. Some are double agents and will soon decloak and spill the beans as to their roles. Filters are about to be ‘cleared’ and new mission assignments will be downloaded, internally, to each of us as these current events transpire. I should mention that many existing leaders may well surrender their vehicles to fully awakened galactic walkins. This has already happened in many cases…in addition to the hundreds of involuntarily cabal-cloned ‘standins’ we see on TV.

What does NESARA mandate?

The illuminati controllers will do anything to prevent its implementation as it immediately spells their removals from political and economic control over the people and resources of this Planet. It requires full return to Constitutional and Common Law principles by 190 countries starting with the US. It involves — due to present fraudulent practices — mortgage debt forgiveness; cancellation of all credit card debt; student loan forgiveness; ends IRS collection of Income Tax and substitutes a National Sales Tax on non-essential items only with no tax on food, medicines or used goods. It requires all existing congressional/administrative heads to resign; all lawyers would have to take a 30 day Constitutional Law course as statute laws will be dissolved.

The world economic system will shift to transparent operations — Basel II was implemented in the month of April — precious metals backed currency and the federal reserve and its collection agent [IRS], and most corrupt alphabet agencies will be dissolved. Current Federal Reserve notes will be exchanged for US Treasury bills backed by Gold, Silver or precious metals on a $1 for $1 basis.

Special Trusts and 78 programs which were originally created by St Germain over 200 years ago for this time, will provide the means to offer free education to all and assist all in upgrading quality of life. Suppressed technologies, secretly being used by the controllers, will be made available to the public. These provide clean and unlimited power for home, industry and travel. Replicators will be made available with First Contact landings to provide most items.

There will be a worldwide re-indexing of currencies, 30 days after announcement, so that while you now receive $100 income and pay sales taxes and income taxes on that amount, you will only pay sales taxes on $10 when spent for non-essential items after re-indexing. This is to remove much of false inflation from the prices of goods caused by use of fiat money instead of precious metals backed currency.

Peace is a requirement and no more wars or nuclear weapons will be allowed. The methods and means to achieve this are already in place and can be implemented upon a single command.
A single molecular change in the nuclear process will make all existing nuclear processes benign. Galactic/human teams will clean up air, water, soil and toxic contamination in the first two months following Announcement. Polluting industries will no longer be necessary as their replacements will be non-polluting and the old plants will be removed by processes that re-cycle the energies.

Benefactor programs will become available and gifting programs are extensive and worldwide to ensure that all will experience unprecedented opportunity to make new choices for their future occupations and enhanced learning programs will be available to quickly upgrade or learn new skills. Diagnostic/healing methods and technologies will become available to reverse all medical conditions and restore optimal health. All these technologies and methods presently exist. Many others have been suppressed but will be brought forth for all to benefit from.

Our new financial foundation has already been laid and is being powered up now.  St Germain and Kuthumi are in charge of that aspect. Massive arrests and millions of Starships will be decloaking over all the major cities on the planet. That will be followed by direct broadcasts from all satellites…connected by nanites to the bridge of the New Jerusalem the Flagship of the Galactic Federation …with messages from Ashtar and Sananda.  First Contact landings will occur within 7-28 days following NESARA’s Announcement. This is why the NESARA Petition and the Disclosure Petition are intrinsically connected.

An interim government will be enplaced with full revelations of the truth about our origins and the galactic presence that has been actively kept from us for over 70 years. Everyone will be told what to expect next and all areas of life will be invited to participate and share in the abundance–free from credit card/mortgage/student loan debts…with NO IRS; NO war; all military brought home immediately and given positive new employment and educational options. Constitutional Common Law will be fully restored. Peace will be declared. Skies/water/air/land will be cleared of all toxic substances and all DNA is being raised to higher awareness. Everyone will experience an increase in quality of life…no matter what age.

Enhanced educational opportunities will become freely available along with enhanced medical care and a new worldwide communications system–’Internet 5′… will begin to replace existing communications systems. Zero pollution energy systems will become commonplace along with new transportation methods. New housing methods will quickly be introduced and congestion in cities will no longer be necessary as new transportation innovations will not require roads or petroleum products.

There will be a National Sales Tax payable only on NON-essentials, with food and medicines/medical treatments non-taxable. Within 30 days of NESARA’s Announcement there will be a worldwide re-indexing of currencies on a 1:10 ratio which will mean that a 10% sales tax on $100=$10 vs $1000 x 10%=$100…a major savings for each of us. This is needed to wring out the inflation caused by fiat/worthless paper currencies, worldwide.

These funds and others will result in the end all poverty on the planet within a 12-15 month period. That will then ensure that all will have the opportunity to receive spiritual education about who we all are; our purpose here as an expression of Source essence in physicality.

Who has the power to announce and enforce NESARA?

KOS has the defacto authority, granted by the International Court of Justice at the Hague in 1999, to get NESARA Announced and the power to use his Martial Law authority “as needed.” Lady Master Nada—previously appointed by the ICJ/World Court as International Special Prosecutor with authority to take whatever actions are required, including dissolving our Supreme Court and unsealing all 10,000 indictments and ordering arrests–is thereby the top Officer of the World Court and can override any order of that or any other court. As President of the Solar Tribunal and as NESARA’s “Postal Lady”, she is the ONLY one who can order NESARA’s Announcement and authorize deliveries of funds.
We are at this moment actually under the joint jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice/World Court and the President  of the Solar Tribunal [Lady Master Nada] who has been appointed by the ICJ as Special Prosecutor with power to arrest the indicted ones; dissolve our corrupt judiciary and Announce NESARA. Agents from Interpol and ICJ are present in D.C. along with the 82nd Airborne and others. We have been well advised that galactic ships are over every major city and will decloak when the signal is given.

NO one gets any money until Lady Master Nada makes her Announcement on TV, at which time she will tell us the date of release that will be within 72 hours of her announcement. She is Special Prosecutor authorized by the Solar Tribunal, of which she is President, and the ICJ. She is expected to dissolve our Supreme Court; appoint Patrick Fitzgerald as Acting Attorney General and then authorize the arrests and removals of all cited ones. Many of these are now clones.

The legal means to take us through this denouement was set in place in 1999 by the ICJ at which time St Germain and the King of Swords who is head of the worldwide militia of 4,000,000 men + 40,000 Galactic-humans, were given the power to prosecute and take such actions as are required to remove the corrupt ones and to insure that the whole Planet is prepared for upshift into the 5Dimension, in the short time left in this cycle.

Are we under NESARA law now?

The King of Swords … put us inside NESARA Law and saved the world banks and stock markets from crashing. We’ve been under ICJ jurisdiction since then. So it may look like Congress has the power; that is a fiction. They are simply convicting themselves of treason…prior to being arrested and removed. We have been inside NESARA Law since Oct 1, 2008 and that has allowed many foundational changes to be implemented.

NESARA has been divinely decreed and refined into its current form by the labors of dedicated terrestrial and celestial beings.

There is only one LAW and that Law of the Land is NESARA.

There is no other Law to cite. It is popularly known in D.C. as “the Reformation Act”.

Anything else deals with the reach of NESARA, which is global, but which starts here.

We have been INSIDE NESARA Law, since 10/2/08.  … King of Swords has sent in teams of his men to each of the banks and about 99% of the infrastructure is ready to go on receipt of a signal from Ashtar, St Germain and/or Lady Master Nada. … Mother confirmed not only that we are Inside NESARA Law and all that that entails, but that most of the foundational changes have been quietly set in motion since 10/2/08. She rephrased that: We are in a CONTINUOUS ANNOUNCEMENT UNFOLDMENT NOW.

The next day, was the day we went INSIDE the NESARA Law; not UNDER, INSIDE. So that gave KOS [King of Swords] the go ahead to insert into Basel II, some of the supports for NESARA.

We are seeing the first fruits of NESARA Law, and it is just the beginning, as each new day will continue to reveal more and more positive changes. All elected candidates will now have to be accountable for their oaths. They have been told and Galactic Federation will ensure that any failures to honor those oaths will bring removal and replacement by authentic and honest representatives. Each day inside NESARA Law is bringing the means to ensure that you, your benefits and your freedom to exercise your new responsibilities as leaders of the Golden Age will be enhanced and moved forward. NESARA is NOW the Law of the Land!

Is NESARA being worked upon in other countries?

There are people in other countries, such as the Canadian hierarchy, who have been working behind the scenes to prepare for the announcements and implementation in their country. New leaders of truth, integrity and accountability are ready to come forward in 190+ countries.

What is this about a “gag order”?

There was a gag order that prevented congress or the media from talking about this on pain of death. It is about to be lifted. Thousands of media people have attended weeks of briefing sessions arranged by KOS and are ready to flood the media with stories as soon as the gag order is lifted. The Secret NESARA Law was signed by Bill Clinton in Oct 2000, and then Sealed with a gag order on all government and media. I do not have a gag order in place. I have been asked to get the word out and my goal is 1 million people.

Don’t bother to check on the Internet as that Law is sealed until announced and is now protected by Lady Master Nada and the Galactic Forces along with Faction Three earth-based resources under the King of Swords.

What is the significance of Basel II?

You remember that Bush had G7 Visitors a few days before the end of the Fiscal Year on 9/30. He was told, as was Paulson, Bernanke and others, that if the money owed to them from the $300 Trillion in recovered stolen funds was not paid on 9/30 that they would be toast. There was also a deadline of 9/30/08 for coming into compliance with Basel II Provisions, which Bush had agreed to in April 08 but had not yet complied.

If certification of compliance did not occur, Oct 1 would require that Central Banks not accept funds from Federal Banks that day. Here’s what happened: Bush failed to comply. The White Knights stepped in with Program funds and saw to it that all US Banks were in compliance, inside NESARA Law. Bush intended to declare Martial Law due to Economic Emergency. He was stopped by the Provost Marshal General and specially-selected Naval Flag Officers and placed under House Arrest along with the Vice-President.

The G7 ultimatum which finally got this administration to implement Basel II financial standards of transparency and accountability on Monday, after very major assets were seized, included a 100 day period for full compliance in bringing all off-balance sheet assets onto the books. Since these ‘assets’ were fraudulently constructed and leveraged by 30-150 times their actual value, they have little real value and that requires other assets to be produced to cover the equity requirements. Since no other assets exist the 100 days is reduced to hours as full compliance would result in worldwide bankruptcy and criminal prosecution of all involved. The latter is unavoidable, as justice must be done. We will see every nation and every bank bankrupt as we change over to the new financial provisions which will be made available to every child, woman and man on Earth. All who are illegally jailed under false laws will be released, all except violent offenders. Those ones will be offered appropriate remediation.

How long has this been in the planning stages?

All of the measures now culminating have been planned for hundreds of years. This is no political party scheme. This is the Return of the Light to the Planet and the Planet’s Ascension to the spiritual dimension by divine decree. All of the Universe is involved. Trillions of spaceships are here to help.

Where are the funds being kept?

The true funds and documents are safely out of their reach, in St. Germain’s safe custody. Too many criminals in the banks, government and black ops/intel organizations would steal the funds in an eyeblink if the deliveries occurred prior to regime change. All of those ones will be purged from the international financial systems before any funds are inserted into the new safe system.

What about the rest of us?

In addition to these beneficiaries, all citizens, men, women and children, of these countries — not in any program– will receive $10 Million, and forgiveness of most debt, bank credit cards, and student loans.

They can expect to receive their $10 Million within 72 hours after Announcement. Thirty days later we will have re-indexing on a 10:1 ratio. That means the buying power of that $10 Million will actually be the equivalent in purchasing power of $100 million. Pretty impressive result.

Most of the inflation of the past 30 years will have been wrung out of the market. The adjusted prices for Gold, Silver and Platinum have already been set.

Mortgage payments will be deferred for 30 days after announcement, to allow expedited application for cancellation of mortgages.

Income Tax will be ended and IRS will be handling refunds only.

A National Sales Tax on non-essential, new items only will replace the Income Tax.

You can see how no one will have to work to pay basic living expenses ever again. That frees us all from the drudgery, which will then be accomplished by new technologies, and that allows plenty of time for creative pursuits and spiritual development opportunities unprecedented in scope, supporting Planetary Ascension. We will no longer be in the pursuit of survival. We will be able to spend our lives on Earth focused on spiritual development which is the whole point of being on Earth.

Will any be left behind or lose out from participation in NESARA – for instance, from the drop in value of our 401Ks?

No one will be left behind that chooses to trust, ask and allow the new to unfold. Presenters were all very definite about not fearing loss of Social Security; 401Ks, Retirement benefits, supplies of food, non-toxic medical treatment, education for our children. It won’t happen! NESARA is here and is ready to bring better solutions forward with our Announcement.

When will children be eligible to receive their benefit?

New kids being born will be able to ‘come aboard’ in 12-15 months.

Gold will be the currency of choice

Gold will be the currency of choice for as long as we still need currency, and it is also important in the alchemy of our own Ascension.

What will be the impact of these programs?

The arrangement is exceedingly fair and will have a predictable effect of jump-starting the new economy and technologies. Of course, anyone wanting to open a trust or create a foundation will incur fees and expenses for those professional services.

Four countries – the US, the UK, Canada and Australia — will begin the NESARA distributions within 72 hours after Announcement of NESARA. Other countries are to be paid in sequential numerical order over the following 12-15 months. I neither created nor am involved with the administration of any of these major programs so I can’t speak on the subject of how these programs were designed or the order of payments.

A few of the major programs are unlabeled and theoretically could be used to fill important needs not originally anticipated.
There will be NEW programs after all 78 current programs pay out around the world over a 12 -15 month initial period post-announcement. This is so much simpler than the random and complicated bookkeeping methods that were spoken of ten years ago. This is far more generous and yet, the amount left to do projects will still be greater than ever!

Will every one of the original participants in the 78 major gifting programs receive a payout?

Everyone who has been operating mostly from integrity since entering one of the major gifting programs and whose intentions are harmonious with the divine purpose will receive a payout.

Anyone in these programs who has been intending or demonstrating criminally-corrupt intentions and whose spiritual frequency and behavior is inimical to 
unity, healing, harmony and integrity will not receive a payout from 
their investment in the programs.

How will this disqualification be determined?

KOS and his people have been monitoring everyone involved in the major gifting programs for years. Irresponsible, criminal behavior or intentions has basically disqualified one half of the original participants. That means there is more to be distributed in various ways by half as many people than was originally calculated. I won’t cite expected amounts, but it should be clear that far more — perhaps double the original amounts — will now be available for the gifting programs and their intended humanitarian projects.

Will the existing economy utterly collapse?

There is a critical mass of people who now understand that big changes are required and that–painful as change is–we can not try to patch the old system. It is too far gone; it’s too late and there are no resources left. In this country we are still better off than 90% of the world, where conditions are beyond the average American’s comprehension.

At the same time as the outer conditions collapse, we are in a profound universal situation where all are waiting for us to take our next step towards Galactic Citizenship.

What is the fate of victims of stock-market fraud?

Outside of the Prosperity, Freedom, Farm Claim programs, the bad guys owe additional settlements for which they have not paid; i.e., stock market fraud settlements, will these be paid too and will they be paid one for one or will the payments be RE-Indexed 90%?    If so, will they be paid in the new Rainbow Currency that is backed by gold/silver?

Those obligations are of the Corporation USA, in D.C. They have nothing to do with NESARA. The money they put into their secret offshore accounts has been recovered by the Hong Kong Blondes who now work for KOS. The country settlements represent fraud/theft and none of them will get those funds—$300Trillion cyber-lifted from those secret accounts and back in the U.S. now…in safe hands.

St. Germain has good projects benefiting the People that will get that money. Post Announcement, the Phoenix ‘Rainbow’ currency will be exchangeable by U.S. Citizens, in this country, on a $1=$1 basis. 30 days after NESARA’s announcement, all non-NESARA funds/prices will be reindexed to wring inflation out of the world economy. That will put more spendable income into the hands of citizens.

How is this operation being conceived and managed?

The St Germain World Trust … brought the gold of Atlantis forward for the Lightworkers of this time. One of the keys to the success of this culminated in the St Germain ‘Advisories’ which became NESARA.    

Ascended Master St Germain has watched over those funds and in addition has coordinated much gold coming here from Venus and other off-planet locations which cumulatively now equal $1+40 zeros which is sufficient to provide $10Million to each man, woman and child after NESARA’s Announcement. These funds and others will result in the end all poverty on the planet within a 12-15 month period.

Some logarithms from St Germain, have been mathematically modeled through matrices to develop self-replenishing ways to keep generating income and participation for as long as needed. I’ve seen those matrix examples and they can do what is needed to fund governments and people and projects indefinitely.

There is no need for any anxiety or fear. All has been prepared and solutions to all the major challenges of food, shelter, income, education and safety are included in NESARA’s provisions.

What about the impact of matters like the Bailout on NESARA?

When Bush signed that bogus bailout bill, it did not become law! He was under house arrest. That was what Ashtar meant on Tuesday 10/7/08, when he said: “Bailout Cancelled!” Signing that bill was only a way to get him to convict himself and all who were his corrupt co-conspirators in treason … going all the way back to 9/11. What this meant was that the Congressional votes had to do with the Corporation USA and not the Republic which is “We the People,” who are being protected and funded inside NESARA.

When will the banking and economic arrangements behind NESARA be put in place?

All NESARA gold and precious metals are in U.S. Banks along with our new Phoenix Currency, and we are compliant with Basel II since 0ct 1, 2008.

New banking and economic systems are NOW in place!  

KOS has sent in teams of his men to each of the banks and about 99% of the infrastructure is ready to go on receipt of a signal from Ashtar, St Germain and/or Lady Master Nada.

When is all this likely to be announced?

Soon. Be cautious about anyone giving an exact date for actions. That should be seriously questioned. We will know when these events are happening, be assured of that. Signing the NESARA Petition is one of the most important things anyone can do to bring the Announcement into fruition. http://wh.gov/4d5

We have been INSIDE NESARA LAW since Oct 2nd per KOS’s authority and direction. Much is being done to purge the financial systems of ‘tinkering’ vulnerabilities. That has progressed significantly and will be ready when needed.

The foundational changes have been quietly set in motion since October 2nd.

We are not waiting for Inauguration. Tying all these loose ends together: 9/11 Treason, the role of the Vatican/Pope; War Crimes; Financial Fraud on unbelievable level; Peace across the planet; Truth about Galactic presence and assistance throughout all times and ages; truth about all the clones, holograms of all types; complicity of the media; the rogue intelligence harassment of citizens; and criminal collusion and corruption with all government heads.

We have been told there are two things pre-requisite to NESARA’s Announcement.  They are: Sibel Edmond’s testimony about 9/11 and the lifting of the coverup about the galactic presence in our skies, over every major city on the planet. The two, 4 day, earth-based meetings in Europe and Dharamsala, along with Solar Tribunal meetings on Saturn, and currently in D.C., produced a statement from both the King of Egypt and associates of the King of Swords–all of whom work together, since being in service together during the Vietnam war, at the 38th level above the President.

That statement was quite specific: All the alphabet agencies known, and a few most do not know, have White Knight assets inside. Those White Knights along with about 40,000 fully awake and aware galactic-humans will combine with complements in the military to bring about and support the needed changes. The ascended masters are now present. It is obvious to any informed observer that any large sums paid to anyone at this time would put their lives in extreme danger as well as result in the funds being stolen.

That is one of the imperative reasons for No Distributions until after regime change and Lady Master Nada addresses us on TV.

All the preparations are now complete. When the first TV address is heard, the removals will all have been accomplished. This is a worldwide restoration of freedom, honesty and abundance. Gold in the amount of $1+ 40 zeros, has been recovered and includes gold and precious metals from many other Planets. These funds have been accumulating in Master Trusts for the last 200+ years through the stewardship of St Germain. Over 200 banks and safe depositories are involved worldwide in these programs. All but the master criminals and confederates, will have greater abundance, opportunities and assistance in all areas: medical, educational, expanded spiritual awareness, political expression, and so many other areas that will be possible when peace is established….  The means is already in place and can be accomplished by a single command.

What is the cabal doing to prevent its announcement?

The Bush crime family and cohorts have tried everything, including the demolition of the Twin Towers and other 9/11-related events, to see to it that the Announcement would never be allowed to occur. They have failed, but their efforts have delayed parts of the program until now.

There are disinformation ‘damage control teams’ who have planted bait on the internet. Their websites were made by people who got tired of waiting for announcement, turned bitter, and then became pawns for Cabal disinformation and damage control efforts.

But the Announcement is coming soon.

In earlier actions it was noted that “moles” existed in many agencies including the U.S. Marshals and those insiders consistently gave advance notice to bankers and administrative heads whenever arrests or other legal actions were scheduled. Mother confirmed that all such ones have been removed and will no longer be an impediment as the above actions prepare the way for massive arrests of indicted ones.

Any fund transfers intended to subvert NESARA or steal the so-called Settlement Funds, will be intercepted and given over to St Germain and the criminals removed. They are being electronically ‘tagged’ and will be ‘bagged’ on a single command. Many are already ‘missing in action’. This is crunch time for the tricksters.

How does the Announcement of NESARA fit into the general flow of events leading up to First Contact?

When Regime changes, 9/11 exposure by Sibel Edmonds (in final negotiations for TV address at this moment) and revelations of the Galactic UFO Presence will forever dissolve the Cabal coverup or suppression of these facts. We will all then get an experience of upshift by a half step. This upshift would have taken many, many lifetimes of spiritual progress to accomplish, but has been decreed by the Grace of Source to each of us. Therewith most if not all will ‘remember’ our core-resonance with the Spiritual Dimensions and most hearts will open to that knowledge, already present.

This experience will be so awesome that most will want to stay home from work, school or whatever the next day or three, to process this experience. Since this will coincide with NESARA’s Announcement and >36 hours of TV/Radio Broadcasts of economic, political and spiritual information, which will be quite dramatic to most. It has been known but suppressed by the Cabal for eons of time to keep us in ignorance and separation from our Source awareness. People hearing these broadcasts will quickly learn that debt is going to be forgiven and that net income will be increased through elimination of the IRS, Income Taxes and credit card debt with NESARA’s Announcement and all the positive improvements it supports.

Can you give me an example of a country acting on its knowledge of NESARA?

Yes. The news in Iceland recently was that they are bankrupt, but will refuse Bailout Funds. They know that they will come inside NESARA’s funding provisions so they are allowing their corporate bankruptcy to proceed.

What about something called “country settlement payments”?  Will they take place?

There are bogus “country settlement payments” that the Banksters would like you to believe in. They are bogus. NO such payments will be going to the crooks! I repeat: “country settlement payments” will NOT take place. Those funds will be used for the benefit of all peoples on the Planet.

What will happen to the Federal Reserve and IRS?

Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul are submitting legislation to put the Federal Reserve under the US Treasury and write off all that false-debt that is income for the Bushes and Cabal associates…and END IRS collections.

The Federal Reserve has been folded into the US Treasury and all of the Gold and Phoenix, Precious Metal-Backed currency, is in the banks NOW. The US Treasury is already taking over many functions of the Federal Reserve. The IRS is KAPUT, gone, dissolved, except for refunds, awaiting public announcements.

What will happen to the banks?

The general direction of the economy is downward as we are approaching the point where the full off-balance sheet amounts of derivatives are going to have to be dealt with–$2,000 Trillion estimated. Since they amount to more than all the banks’ assets/income in the world, a wholesale bust or bankruptcy is inevitable.

 That involves, banks, stock/bond markets, hedge funds, pension funds, 401k investments and most mutual funds. 

Since these are insured by insurance companies, they also will have to face the facts that they don’t have enough reserves to pay claims.

 Nationalization of the major banks is likely. That would allow the governments to take them over, clean them out of the criminals and shadow-banking practices, and write off the mostly worthless derivatives, keeping only the true asset-based investments.

 They will then reopen as US Treasury Banks backed by precious metals and without fractional banking.

Big Box Banks are very likely to become nationalized so they can be 
disinfected from their toxic derivatives–estimated to be as much as $2000 
Trillion worldwide.

What will happen to the Euro? The stock market?

The Euro is going to go sliding downward. Only Gold/Silver will hold value. The stock market has not yet realized the magnitude of the unfunded debt of the world. It is impossible to EVER pay it back. So bankruptcy is the only option for the Cabal.  And, as we have been saying: That has NOTHING to do with the Republic, which is fully funded by NESARA and which is already in the Announcement stage, even though not yet formally announced.

What is the validity of all these discussions of “package deliveries”?

Casper/Poof reports what is fed to him by faction 1 and 2 sources.  1/3 is based on partial truths but spun to confuse and keep folks looking for “packies” that will never come until after NESARA is announced. Anyone receiving anything purporting to be a “packie”–before Lady Master Nada announces on TV the delivery schedule– should be aware that it is likely an invitation to sign papers that will put their lives in danger. This is the way the darkside works. Take a legitimate program and the lists of beneficiaries which they have gotten access to, and send out ‘trial balloons’ to see how many gullible ones they can snare; steal their funds, and then entice them offshore and then dispose of them. For the protection of the funds; the beneficiaries and all the purposes for which those funds are intended, no payments will be allowed until the corrupt criminals are removed. Any fund transfers intended to subvert NESARA or steal the so-called Settlement Funds, will be intercepted and given over to St Germain and the criminals removed.

I have heard of “major gifting programs” or “numbered programs” connected with “original investors.” What are these and how will they work?

Only programs completed before the end of 1999 will pay out…. However everyone will still get $10 Million. … The 78 major programs are funds designed for huge projects. Recipients will be contributing $10 Million to each one on their lists of an estimated 200 people. … There are bogus settlement payments that the Banksters would like you to believe in. They are bogus and no such payments will be going to the crooks! Same is true of the packages touted by a few Faction Two bankster shills. People that invested in the 78 programs before the end of 1999 are legitimate program recipients and will be charged with supervising projects and distributions of the funds entrusted to them. Each program has specific instructions that will be included in those document deliveries. Those designated participants in the 78 original and existing numbered progams will receive large amounts to facilitate huge humanitarian projects.  These are people who invested in the original 78 programs before the end of 1999.  They are legitimate program recipients and will be charged with supervising projects and distributions of the funds entrusted to them. Each program has specific instructions that will be included in those document deliveries.

All major programs in all countries will be completed over 12-15 months maximum, except for the first four.  People in the programs will receive many hundreds of billions –- which is an understatement — of which they will be mandatorily gifting a small percentage of $10 million to each one on their lists of an estimated 200 people. All the lists will be cross-compared to ensure that everyone gets that amount.  There will not be any duplications as each ‘gifting list’ will be recorded so no one is left out and no one gets paid twice.

Of course, the main purpose of these programs is to level the economic playing field and to fund massive humanitarian projects around the world. In addition, other amounts could be donated, if the recipient chooses. I’m only talking about the mandatory gifting amounts.   Clarifying instructions and examples will be included in the major-program package instructions each will receive. Different programs have different requirements but all will participate in this gifting distribution.

What will be happening to the last cabal in these days ahead?

Ashtar stated on 11/18: “NESARA is NOW the Law of the Land. Black Ops funding is being cancelled and certain Black Ops programs are being dismantled and shut down.”  Many foundation changes are already being implemented. House Arrest of the leaders of 195 countries has been necessary as part of the changes.  Ashtar said that the funding for the Black Ops programs have been shut down…permanently. Blackwater troops are ready to seek other work as they are not being paid what is owed to them. Cabal Black Ops programs are being defunded and will no longer have their drug money to fund them.

No solid-hologram will actually take office … although Bush, Cheney, Paulson, Hillary, and many more in Congress and elsewhere in government and banking are now just that. Paschat Warriors are paying ‘business calls’ on the 13 Elder Dragon Families. These ‘calls’ are also happening to BlackWater, Haliburton and many others. All false intel stories about Obama or any appointees will be exposed.  Do NOT think that any solid holograms will be taking office. With the Announcement, the ‘power’ to sustain those ones will be withdrawn and they will ‘fizzle out’.

The War Crimes Arrests for 9/11 involvement will be quite broad and quite extensive. Likewise for acts of Treason. These are critical elements of justice that must be allowed to fulfill Planetary and Universal legal requirements.

The truth must be told with purity, clarity and exactness. Most of us are well aware that all political, religious, economic, sciences and histories have been manipulated and distorted for purposes of control throughout the ages. That ends now.  The most important lies have been the withholding of our own origins, purposes and potentials for the purpose of enslavement and prevention of Planetary Ascension. This will be one of the most amazing revelations of all times.

On October 30th, in Asheville, NC, CH 13, WSOL, locals were surprised to see huge movements of large military aircraft–painted black–into the local area. CIA, FBI in large numbers filled the area, and then thousands of business-suited prisoners in handcuffs and leg shackles were loaded on the planes in the wee hours of the night. Those planes were headed for the Hague and the prisoners were said to be 10,000 bankers and associates indicted by Patrick Fitzgerald’s 56 Grand Juries meeting over the last 3+ years. It was obvious that a Federal Judge had unsealed those indictments.

Ashtar mentioned the King of Egypt as an Adept who had accomplished miracles. We understood that he was referring to the KOE’s masterful orchestration and coordination of all that was required to effect the success of the arrests, and the transport to Europe of all those corrupt ones, for formal trial in the Hague.

Ashtar told us that those ones will not be returning. They will be joined by Illuminati families [“families” as in lines of control] and minions and their programs of control of the people of this Planet are already being dismantled and shut down permanently. We are seeing the first fruits of NESARA Law, and it is just the beginning, as each new day will continue to reveal more and more positive changes. All elected candidates will now have to be accountable for their oaths. They have been told and Galactic Federation will ensure that any failures to honor those oaths will bring removal and replacement by authentic and honest representatives.

10,000 bankers were arrested, tried in the Hague, and executed a week ago, while holograms are in their places in the top levels of the banks and their families will not know until after our Announcement. It has taken many, many years of secret Grand Jury sifting through mountains of facts to bring 10,000+ sealed indictments to be unsealed jointly by Patrick Fitzgerald and Lady Master Nada for serving by US Marshals, the military; interpol and backed by the Galactic Federation Ships over all our major cities now. That number comes from the 56 Grand Juries that met for over 3 years as part of Patrick Fitzgerald’s investigations of various illuminati directed criminal matters. The King of Egypt is our direct source for that number and that information. It was his job to bring all of those ones indicted for treasonable offenses to Asheville, NC where they were guarded by a team of military, CIA and FBI before being put onto large black aircraft and flown to the Hague for trial and for execution a week later. The late night transport was reported on local TV Ch 13 and nowhere else.

We were told by KOE that they were gone…a week later. Holograms were put in their places and they are still going to work and home, until after our Announcements. These ones were international criminals who stole 300 Trillion dollars and cost the lives of untold numbers. They were not ‘white collar criminals’.  Some other thousands were arrested and received average sentences of 25 years confinement in foreign facilities.  We are talking about the worst of the worst. War Crimes, Genocide, Terrorism and Treason are the crimes involved. This will all come out after Announcements.

100 million reptilians have been removed over the last 8 years from surface and subsurface environments. Every organization, political, religious, military, legal, media, of any magnitude, on the Planet has been infiltrated and controlled by these ones, as agents of the 13 Old Dragon families. There has been almost complete control of every facet of existence until Faction Three, Galactic Federation, and the ascended masters were given permission in 1987 and 1999 to ‘remove the controllers’ and assist the planet in ascending. It is only in recent days that enough of us have awakened enough to tip the balance to the Light. That was by Divine decree and with direct Source Light infusions which will continue through Ascension.

Something else, I may or may not have mentioned before, is that only about 50 members of Congress are still alive. Many {480+} were killed and cloned and many are solid holograms. When Ashtar/Nada/Sananda/Mother  Sekhmet/Red/Green/KOS say they are taking care of business, that’s what they mean. Everything will be announced at once. It will already be a done deal.

Massive special police operations involving 300+ officers took place, at least three separate locations. Seizure and transport of safe deposit lockers to secure locations where contents of documents, drugs, money, stolen computer technologies, etc will be inventoried, analayzed and followed up with arrests.  These sites are crucial intermediary drops for agents, criminals and other international intelligence dark ops agents. Such ops have been planned and carried out several times over the past two years. Often we never see evidence of it in the news. The implications will unfold in the coming days, and will trigger panic attempts to remove additional incriminating evidence from bank safe deposit facilities, which it is presumed will now be more closely monitored for just such actions.

This unprecedented operation took two years of planning, observation and top secret levels of police cooperation…following Chris Story’s publication of the methods/extent and names of international financial criminals, banksters, politicians fraudulent transactions that secreted $300 Trillion into private accounts. Those funds have now been recovered and will be very instrumental in funding the new financial systems that NESARA requires. That these operations are now surfacing speaks clearly to the difference in this moment as compared to all those preceding today’s.  Chris Story was working for the cabal and a shill for the UK crown. He was shot out on the street when they no longer had a use for him.

These are the kind of undercover actions closing the traps that have been so carefully placed.  We are going to be hearing of many more such actions that are now in process.  Another example is that of the years of Federal Grand Jury deliberations in the US. Those hearings have produced 10,000 sealed indictments that are about to be unsealed and served.

Some of the items in those 7000 lockboxes involve Trillions of dollars in gold certificates; incriminating evidence of organized crime heads, government intel services, agents, bankster operations–worldwide–that hit them like a brick-bat in the face. They just met to do ‘damage control’ during the Bilderbergers’ meeting in Chantilly, VA. Make no mistake, the chainsaws are ‘clearing the forest’ of liars, lies, fraud, murder, and every other despicable practice you know or never heard of. There will be “shock and awe” when the details can be told.

Who drafted NESARA?  

Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul drafted certain sections of the secret NESARA Law.

14 members of Congress who contributed their expertise to crafting various sections of the Law. This includes Paul Wellstone, who when he was about to break his gag order was killed with his wife and daughter in a plane crash. This was a reminder to all under a gag order not to speak about NESARA Law. I have received emails from these ones saying they cannot help me at all because they are under a gag order and fear for their lives.

The key word is FAIR. Would it be fair to eliminate a ten million dollar mortgage on an estate or yacht purchased with laundered drug money? Or a hundred million dollar mortgage on a building acquired by someone whose money came by defrauding investors or deliberately putting small companies out of business? Would it be fair to eradicate a $25,000 credit card debt incurred by someone who replaced last year’s model of an expensive car with the latest model? Choices like that, like all other free will choices, are the responsibilities of the individuals.

The differences are due to purview divergences. Our information comes from ‘higher HQ’ sources: Ashtar, Sananda, Mother Sekhmet, KOS, Lady Master Nada, and St Germain. All below do not know what all above are planning, only general directions. You can be certain that what we have said is correct as it has come from those in charge of implementing the plan. This is not a criticism, just a different view from a higher level of involvement.

How are 9/11 and NESARA related?

The Cabal engineered 9/11 to stop NESARA’s announcement which was scheduled for 10 minutes after the Twin Towers/Pentagon/PA attacks.  They have continued to use and expand War Powers Act-based invasions without lawful congressional actions and would–if not foiled–declare Martial Law to declare a Dictatorship or NWO. The failure to achieve their ends…thus far… is driving them to extremes that are becoming more and more transparent as time is running out. They are losing and they know it. They will not prevail. This is due to a Divine Decree which is being implemented throughout this and planet, solar system and universe.

Dennis Kucinich, talking on Clout/Air America Radio, actually discussed what was supposed to happen on 9/11: “An important Announcement was scheduled which would change our economic and political systems.” (He could not use the term NESARA because of the gag order, but all who know understand that is what he was describing).

At the time of 9/11 attacks, a special section of the Pentagon had just been modified for higher-security protection, and that segment of the Pentagon was a special Naval Intelligence communications facility involved with NESARA’s Announcement. It was the exact target of the missile attack.  Transmission of codes to central banks were already in process at the time of the attack with the Announcement less than 10 minutes away.

The Pennsylvania site was an underground storage for important NESARA-related documents and was an exact targeted location. At the moment of what was called a plane crash, FEMA/FBI were already standing by in the nearby woods. They then rushed out to secure the area from other investigators. No plane crashed. Each tower was attacked by a specially-prepared aircraft, modified by Secret Government/CIA to carry missiles and also special holographic projectors to project the illusion of the aircraft in the news releases.

The Twin Towers sub-floors held records and a lot of gold. The black ops folks had pre-installed various explosive devices and came back several weeks before 9/11 to install detonators and make electrical connections and circuit checks so that they could remotely trigger the explosions to take out the massive base supports and central columns, steal the gold, and kill any people around who could testify as to what they were doing.

They didn’t kill them all as they were in a rush to load up the gold and get it away before the explosions were detonated. So there were witnesses to each of these actions. A total of 75,000 people were actually killed in those demolitions on 911. Certain areas were targeted to destroy records and accounts detailing liabilities of cabal firms.

The Announcement was scheduled for 10:15 AM on Sept 11, 2001…but that was ‘prevented’ by the Twin Towers attacks, which were planned and executed by our own governments black ops agents.  Sibel Edmonds, Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson, David Ray Griffen and many others are speaking out on this subject which will result in the arrest and removal of Bush, Cheney, et al, with a new election coming within 6 months of NESARA’s Announcement.

The “Wisdom Economy”

We are on the threshold of very major changes. On Thom Hartmann’s Air America Radio Show, Thom had Dr David C Korten, an economist, speaking about the bankruptcy of “Phantom Economy,” based on fiat paper. He called for an immediate change to Precious Metals Backed Currency, leading to a “Wisdom Economy”. He then said, on the air, “I will not answer any questions on when NESARA will be announced or when disbursements will occur. All of that is speculative….” Dr Korten previously discussed these matters on Democracy NOW, with Amy Goodman.

Plunging Stock Market

The KOS gave an update and said that there are variables but that the direction was clearly downward for the stock market. These are estimates based on current knowledge only and there are NO DATES or absolute Dow numbers. Whenever they step in and close the markets they will also have to close the banks for two weeks to clean up the criminals and their practices. They would–in this country–then reopen the banks as US Treasury Banks under NESARA.

That decision will be made by St Germain.

The Dow dropped 300 points in the last 30 minutes and then bounced back to 6594 which is a lower close and, again, it happened on HIGH volume=50% greater than average. That says that the trend continues downward. Thom Hartmann said that he has been saying for 5 years that the market could fall to 5000 or even 3000, and folks should not discount that possibility since we know that he has access to KOS and St Germain and Lady Master Nada.

The main point is not a number.

It is that the trend is definitely downward and to take whatever actions are prudent in your individual case. It is also to understand that St Germain may not take action until it goes as low as 3000. St Germain gives KOS his orders and he will not tell us any exact number or date.

When will NESARA occur?

Lady Master Nada foreclosed on our Corporate Government on 9/30/08 when Bush defaulted on his payments. The KOS then put us inside NESARA Law and saved the world banks and stockmarkets from crashing. We’ve been under ICJ jurisdiction since then. So it may look like Congress has the power; that is a fiction. They are simply convicting themselves of treason…prior to being arrested and removed.

What we are looking at is a surface projection/shadow play. We have been inside NESARA Law since Oct 1, 2008 and that has allowed many foundational changes to be implemented. The US is economically bankrupt, and the surface system is failing and will soon be removed.

It takes a lot for people to let go of old ways and ‘rules’ of how to proceed. The entrenched system doesn’t care about election results. It wants to continue the ‘old ways’, which are bankrupt. We are living on two tracks at the same time, migrating from the old to the new.

The overlap allows us to continue in both as our shift takes place. Most are aware that we are upgrading from carbon to a liquid diamond substructue. That shift allows us to absorb and hold more light so that our physical structures can continue existing as ‘Soul Containers’.

The same is true of the old outer structures being infused with the new foundational structures. When NESARA is announced, the old will then fall away, like a scab on a wound, and the new will be seen to already be present.

Then progress will move exponentially forward. Everything is following this model to allow the maximum preparation by all, before the Announcement is made. Then public actions will take place that will remove those remnants of the Old Regime who have chosen not to migrate to and support the new policies.

All of this preparation for war crimes prosecution has been proceeding since Oct 1, 2008, and Obama knows all this and also knows that NESARA is about to be announced along with 911 exposure and revelation of Galactic presence.

Sananda, St Germain, Maitreya, Metatron, Michael, Mother Sekhmet, and Ashtar are working tirelessly to synchronize all these actions so that the transition will  be smooth and seamless. Without these preparatory steps we would have extreme shock throughout the Planet.

There is a critical mass of people who now understand that big changes are required and that–painful as change is–we can not try to patch the old system. It is too far gone; it’s too late and there are no resources left. In this country we are still better off than 90% of the world, where conditions are beyond the average American’s comprehension.

At the same time as the outer conditions collapse, we are in a profound Universal situation where all are waiting for us to take our next step towards Galactic citizenship. The changes are coming fast and furious and will be so rapid we will not be able to keep track of the number and their impacts.

Watch how fast these seeming events turn around as the new administration moves to achieve critical support for its new actions. Thom Hartmann opened his program with an amazing question he originated. “Is the Reformation Act the Solution?” Can you imagine that! That is a breakthrough. Of course he didn’t use “NESARA” but everyone in D.C. and elsewhere knows what Reformation Act refers to. Very big evidence of impending news.

As to timing of NESARA, they will not give us an exact date.

We don’t have–because our sources aren’t allowed to tell us– the details or exact timetables.

What is President Obama doing about NESARA?

Barack Obama has been meeting with terrestial and extraterrestial councils in recent weeks including during his ‘vacation’ in Hawaii. He is our President and is also the 9th member of the Sirian Council of Nine so he has prepared himself for the last 1000 years for the role he now will play in bringing NESARA to Announcement; assisting in exposing all the War Criminals involved in Economic and Political Treason since the US Planned and Executed travesty of 911.

That involves international cabal families in many countries. The theft of over $100 Trillion of the public’s funds is also involved. Planned genocide of more than 6 Billion of the world’s population along with total dictatorial control of all earth’s assets has been the cabal’s objective since they first came here 65 Million years ago.

What will happen after NESARA is announced?

We will have programs in all countries that will remove the greed and provide the essentials of life to all citizens. There will be no need for artificial boundaries. Those artificial barriers come from disparity in income, education, and meaningful work. Since all of those will be answered in each country, borders will be removed as unnecessary. Of course, some of the provisions will take longer than others…up to 12-15 months at the longest. However, even in these cases, all basic needs will be met rapidly. The 82nd Airborne Division is surrounding Washington, D.C. to provide security in support of NESARA Law. NESARA’s announcement and implementation … is imminent…. The return of all our troops will be the final item in the Peace manifestation process.
All the military stationed throughout the world will be returned home at once. The Starships are easily capable of this task.