Go To Singularity Wholeness Consciousness
Wholeness Consciousness

Go To Singularity Wholeness Consciousness

From Singularity We Jump Anyplace You Can Imagine.

Go To Singularity : Your body is an expression of who you are. There is a point of Singularity, called a Black Hole, in your heart. It is a StarGate where you may launch to other worlds once entering the Singularity. You may visualize it as a Coriolis and Centrifugal Effect on the Surface of the Ergosphere. Feminine on top and at the heart it meets the Masculine on bottom with the chakras as energy center octaves throughout the system.

Close your eyes and become aware of your present moment, your place in space. Take a deep breath, in and out.
As you exhale you become more and more aware of the information coming into your lungs and out and follow a breath inward to your lungs and as the air goes into your lungs you can experience the vortex it creates as it spirals in, as it does, and as the air spirals into your lungs you can connect with that spiral within the field of information which is coming from the top of your head, above the top of your head this funnel spinning toward your heart, and become aware of that and as you become aware of that you may start to experience as well the funnel below that is your hips, spiraling up your spine and meeting in your heart – meeting there, two vortices and become aware of this softening bubble where the two vortices are the center of it with your heart the singularity. This is your tornado, this is your individualization in the structure of space. It is what is called your Planck Field. Unity in Wholeness Consciousness. Your awareness of this field helps you center it stronger in to the middle of your being at the center of the tornado and you can see that everything that is inside that bubble is effected by it, it is effected by your energy. With that awareness, with that center shaft of stillness, that centers the spin, you walk in the world fully aware of your influence on the structure of space and time around you. Opening your eyes.

Ergosphere:  The Funnel which forms above your head and coming into your Base.