Ascension Meditation


Full Moon Solstice Meditation Listen Daily and Beyond June 20, 2016

Greetings Children of the Sun! This is Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin My name is known in many cultures as emanations of Mother God. Some of my names are; Narayani, consort to Narayana, Lakshmi, consort to Vishnu, Parvati, consort to Shiva, Rukmini, consort to Krishna and Venus, consort to Sanat Kumara.

This is the low life of Humanity’s history on Earth. It is said that all people possess the potential to attain Ascension in their own lifetime. My consort, Maitreya’s responsibility is to guard and protect all of those who inside their heart, even if they have never said it to another soul, are seeking their Enlightenment. The Buddha did not transfer powers to Maitreya or others. Instead, he called the forth the Angels, or in another understanding, the benevolent Extraterrestrials of the Great Earth of Tranquil Light to transfer the powers to all Beings on the Path to Enlightenment. It is for this reason, during this accelerated period, anyone is able to go to the supreme top understanding. You know you have obtained this when you no longer have questions. You will know the answer to Everything.

I am sharing with you a meditation which has been kept very secret, hidden away in Buddhist Temples. It has never before been translated into English until a couple years ago. It was gifted to the channel to share with you. It is ancient. It has been provided as a dispensation to help you with your Ascension. A clarion call has gone out from Earth to have millions of Twin Flames reunited so they may use their combined talents to right Earth on her Path in perpetual Peace, Love, Truth, Justice and Freedom. The time is upon us.

I invite you to listen to this meditation repeatedly. The more the better. As with mantra, the sounds of this meditation going into your physical Being changes your very nature and quickly brings about higher understanding, activated DNA and a greater ability to love, due to the release of psycho-physical attachment. Mitochondrial DNA is passed down through the Mother. It is passed down through the female lineage. Many of you have had lifetimes as dark influences on Earth. Many of you are here on Earth one of a few times. Each faction must meet their obligation of this Mission to anchor in the Fire Codes coming in from this Full Moon as Earth stands still for a moment and shifts her spiral rotation into birthing New Earth. Fulfill your Life Mission as an Ascended Master on Earth. Everything is equal and offered to all. The past is in the past. We are returning to love as the Human Family on Earth and it is all inclusive. If you are reading this now it is a Clarion Call to you. You have been here before. As you decline and do not put your attention to this now, you risk missing your Ascension before you pass. There are no guarantees about when your time is up. As you choose that Path, you will not be invited back to Earth. It is not a judgment or a threat, it is simple fact. There are lots of nice Planets you may continue your lineage on in continued duality. You will not be eligible more to be here.

The Draconians and Greys who have battled in the Orion wars and have kept their ongoing world war in place all the way down to the present day as the 4th Reich are done now. We called time. Time is up. This gift you are being offered through Divine Grace, a gift from Maitreya, is to give you the advantage over the other adepts who have made advances through the dark arts. You will have the strength of the Sun-like Knowledge in your mind as well as the Grace imparted on the StarGate in your heart. The heart-mind connection of Sananda and Sanat Kumara is gifted to you for your ease of access to Ascension. The Christ and the Buddha. The heart and the mind together are needed to unlock the Fire Codes of Intelligence within your Consciousness to take you to the next step. Dear Light Warrior, hear the call. Doing this one meditation repeatedly leaves no need for other Meditation, no need for training or reflection. This mantra confers natural liberation and is the experience of the fortunate. Choose Life! Share this widely. Anyone who receives this call and follows the practice is guaranteed eventual Ascension. You are encouraged to share it to anyone who may benefit.

From me, Mother, to the female and male white Knights of the Rosy Cross, Venus and Niburu, I welcome you in attaining your personal Mission of helping others help themselves. Walk across the Rainbow Bridge to New Earth. The best of times is yet to come as you make it so. Namaste! This is Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin, June 11, 2016. © All Rights Reserved. See Attached youtube Meditation.

Join us on June 20th 2016 at 11pmET for 15 minutes to anchor in the Fire Codes of this Solstice on Earth. For more information,see here

We will initiate a 15 minute synchronized meditation to bring balance between the Divine Feminine and Masculine. We will do this each New Moon and each Full Moon.The Moon itself has no influence on the work; but the fully-lighted orb of the Moon indicates a free and unimpeded alignment between Earth and the Sun, the Solar center, the Energy Source, and the Sun behind the Sun, Alcyone, the Central Sun, for all life on Earth. At such times we can make a definite approach to the Supreme, the center of life and intelligence. That this realization is part of Humanity’s ancient intuitive understanding is verified by the many religious festivals which are fixed by reference to the Moon or a zodiacal constellation.


The esoteric Law of Cycles — the law which is symbolized by the waxing of the moon to full brightness followed by its waning — affirms that we can Consciously cooperate with the flow of higher energies.


On the New Moon we will focus on healing areas of Earth as well as all sentient life on Her.


On the Full Moon we will celebrate each new evolution of higher energies integrating into New Earth.

Join us on June 20th at 11pmET for 15 minutes to anchor in the Fire Codes of this Solstice on Earth. For more information,see here