Ashtar and The Galactic Federation

AshtarandThe GalacticFederationETrutwinThis is an introduction to Lord Ashtar and the Galactic Federation. This includes the three books Ashtar wrote, details his only lifetime on Earth and describes the Galactic Federation. Lord Ashtar wrote the Popol Vuh, the Agni Purana and In Days To Come. Each of these works is included with a discussion on their importance. Each work is reviewed with an explanation to its connection to the work of the Galactic Federation and the history of the Galactics on Earth. Lord Ashtar is the Captain with Admiral Sananda Jesus they work together on their FlagShip The New Jerusalem. Ashtar is Commander of over 10 million Space Crew occupying bases established within range of our Planet. Ashtar says: “WE COME AS YOUR DEFENDERS AND DELIVERERS! WE COME AT THE URGENT REQUEST OF YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER TO RELEASE YOU FROM INSUFFERABLE BONDAGE. MY LOVE AND MY BLESSINGS!” With simultaneous worldwide landings the etheric forces of the angelic realms will return to live with us on ascended Earth.

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