Ascended Master Guides to Cosmic Ascension

Universal Mind

Religion is man made and simply an expression of keeping practices such as invocations on certain occasions with fellow devotees. Each individual is drawn to a different flavor according to their life experience. These Divine Emanations of Love from the SUN were each one expressing UNIVERSAL LAW passed down through Star-Faring Star Masters frequently visiting Earth giving humanity a hand up through the aeons of time. The SUNS of God are aligned with Universal Mind.


Moses, Mother Teresa, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Copernicus

The SUNS of God

Jesus: “The wise person who seeks truth is fortunate. Once he has found it, he is at peace, and nothing can disturb him.” ~The Book of Thomas The Contender

Krishna: “When ignorance is overcome through knowledge of the Self, God is revealed.”~Bhagavad Gita

Buddha: “Wisdom is achieved by those who overcome their natural resistance to diligent practice.”~Dhammapada

Lao Tzu: “With the sight and hearing of a child, the wise person makes no distinction between this and that. He simply sees what is in front of him.”~The Tao Te Ching









The Last Supper
The Last Supper

More to follow, keep checking back for updates from Master and Star Masters.

Jesus: “Be careful that your spiritual practice is not done in public, so that others know you are spiritual. When you give to charity, do not announce it like hypocrites do. Praise is their reward. Practice charity in secret and your Father will reward you in secret.” ~The Gospel According to Matthew

Krishna: “Those who are conceited, self-important, full of pride, and drunk with wealth honor Me in name only. They sacrifice to Me in name only. They hate Me within their own bodies because they are pretentious, full of ego and malice, lust for power, and are disrespectful of others.”~Bhagavad Gita

Buddha: “Monks who seek recognition in order to gain influence and admiration, and monks who overwhelm others by insisting on their own point of view, only increase pride and passion.”~The Kevaddha Sutra

Lao Tzu: “Follow the Way; but boasting and seeking recognition is not of the Way. One who is arrogant has already failed. There is no reward for those who are conceited, and no one can become a true leader by puffing themselves up.”~The Tao Te Ching