Cosmic Ascension is a global organization. Its purpose is to support research and education in the field of unified physics, as it relates to Ascension.   Its methods include collaboration with leading experts to make relevant findings available to the public.

Through educational Events, Elizabeth Trutwin offers opportunities for people to develop a coherent understanding of both the Ascension  principles and applications of unified physics to enhance their personal quests to evolve. You do not Ascend when you die. You change state. You are invited to learn to Ascend in a BODY. Each individual must do the Inner work. When you die without Ascending in a Body then you start a new life and must start all over again with no guarantee you will make it.

Our goal?  To inspire people by modeling the Love and Infinite Nature that lie within each of us,  as together we work, teach, learn and explore with integrity passion and respect  for all life.


Our worldview is one of Unity and Wholeness Consciousness. We envision a future in which all technological and social systems are in harmony with Nature, with Earth and with the Cosmos.  As above, so below. As within, so without.


As the Paradigm shift goes forward, we face critical systemic challenges that must be solved.  Our mission is to support these solutions by showing how ascension knowledge and Wholeness Consciousness can be applied to every area of human endeavor.


We fulfill our mission in two ways:


  • By developing insights into technologies and practices that apply the Ascension discoveries to solve the fundamental challenges of Disclosure and humankind’s  Enlightenment.
  • By dispersing education through Cosmic Ascension Events.