We Are Entering the 7th Dimension

The Path

The essential wisdom of the highest teachings is, by its very nature, beyond the confines of tradition, culture and language, absolutely universal and timeless.
Personal Growth and Transformation

Join our Events to learn intensive Personal Practice which will transform your life. To live in celebration and wonder and joy.

Global Stewardship and reconcilliation

Universal Harmony is integrated bringing the human family into an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Disseminating Highest Truth

Offering several opportunities of concentrated immersion in the Divine Energy of Love. These Powerful catalysts for growth, facilitating greater dedication to one’s Path in a loving and uplifting environment.

Recent Posts

I will also be offering 10 Question and Answer Sessions in September, 2016, where I offer powerful channeled guidance in a dialogue with Sananda for your life and Mission. I can also offer 16 Star Attunements in September. Please email me your requests.

Develop Your Gifts

Telepathy, Inner Sight, Etheric Travel, Healing, Energy Work, Mantra, Asana, Meditation
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Tools for Individual Ascension
Highest Teachings

Work with your Guides Find Your Inner Guru

  • meditation

    Learn several forms of meditation to use daily.

  • ancient texts

    Read the highest teachings our Galactic family left behind.

  • mantra

    Energy changes your environment.

  • guides

    Identify which Guides work with you to speed knowledge.

Cosmic Ascension Heal Core Issue Meditation

TwinFlame Meditation

Star Attunements Raise Frequency

Star Master Guides

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for Private Sessions and Star Attunements